Chapter 2 Unfamiliar CeilingMature

Chapter 2

I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar ceiling. Not that I know my ceiling well but recognized the difference between. It was a popcorn ceiling that I was looking up to not my flat smooth one that I have seen for the pass three years. 

Underneath me was something hard and somewhat smooth, this surely wasn't the bed I fell asleep on. Nope. It wasn't. I was laying on a marble flooring. First off who would want marble flooring and second what the hell am I doing here?

I looked around the room I was in. Absolutely nothing was in this room, just me the ceiling and the marble flooring, not even a door was there. What a boring room. I got up and felt the need to brush myself off and found a door that a swear that wasn't there before. Confused and uncertain I open the door. 

Entering the next room had somethings. Like a couch with a flat screen T.V. in front of it and a pool table? There were also stairs that held up and down which is not uncommon for me to find. Where I live is known for tornados. This house felt creepy to me for some reason like it had something planned for me that I didn't want.

"Hi there!" A voice came behind me which made me jump almost three feet. I turned to face my intruder who was a male with blondish brown hair and dark blue eyes. About 6 foot and white with some freckles. "I'm Logan. You must be Haley." I looked at Logan like he was a freak. How did he know my name. Almost reading my mind, "We have been expecting you for a while now."

"Uh?" Was the only thing that came out of my mouth which made me sound like a dumbass. That was not what I wanted to say. What I did want to say was what the hell was he talking about? Waiting for me to show up? Where am I? That's when I started laughing. "This is a dream!"

"Yes Haley this is a dream but not a regular dream you have always had in the past." Logan leaned against the wall. "This dream will affect you in many ways that I nor anyone else can explain."

"What do you mean?" I finally asked. But before he could answer a red-headed boy walked into the room. Now he was covered in freckles and had light blue eyes and a little shorter than Logan. I bet he gets sunburned more often then I can remember my own name.

"Oh hello!" He said taking full notice of me. "I'm Evan, and you are I'm guessing Haley. Right?" Instead of looking at me to confirm that he was right he looked at Logan who nodded. "Great! You are finally here. I thought I would have to dream forever to have you here." I guess I was looking confused when Logan was answering the question tat was beginning to form in my head.

"What Evan is saying is that we all are dreaming this at the same time." Logan smiled faintly. "Well kinda. We aren't able to wake up until you arrive."

"Is there more?" I asked. "More of you guys?"

"Haley. You finally made it." Someone spoke behind me. I turned to see who it was. Another guy, but he was different then the other two. He had dark hair with mysterious green eyes and he wasn't as light as the other two guys and the tallest of the three but there was something darker. "I am Aiden. And welcome to your Dream Home."

"I'm sorry." I almost started breaking out into laughter. "What?"

"All four of us now live with each other in our dreams. We been connected to each other until something in our life changes for the better." There was no joke in Aiden's eyes but I still didn't believe him.

"So what are you saying?" I crossed my arms. "That every night I got to bed, I will dream this and so will the other guys?"

"That is correct Haley."

"Bullshit!" I laughed. This was just a stupid dream that meant nothing. But Logan nor Evan were laughing in fact they looked serious. Were they really buying this stuff. But wait this is my dream! Of course I'm making them serious, I'm just dreaming this all and when I wake up I will laugh about it some more.

"Believe what you want Haley." Aiden said. "But when you go back to sleep tomorrow you will see who's bullshitting around here." Aiden turned his attention back to the guys. "Since it's getting late let's all go back to sleep and awake in the real world. Logan will you show Miss Reed to her room?" Without an answer he walked up the stairs in a slow paced. Evan smiled at me and followed him.

"Well your room is upstairs too but on the left." We started walking up the stairs as well. Instead of turning right like Aiden and Evan did we turn left and went all the way down the hall. The hall was dull and boring. Everything white with no color. Reminded me of my own home. The room Logan lead me to was big with a king size bed, a nightstand, a closet, and a T.V.. "Well here's your room. Hope you enjoyed it." I watched him leave going where the others went and shut my door.

I laid down on the bed and laughed to my self once again. This was all really stupid but at the same time I felt unease about all of this. Could this be real?.... Nah. I looked up and once again there was an unfamiliar ceiling.

The End

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