Chapter 1 Blind DateMature

Chapter 1

"Haley!" Rebecca called for me from her car. "Come on we are going to be late!"

"I'm locking my door!" Ugh. I didn't even want to go to this stupid thing with her and her boyfriend. She is setting me up with a blind date once again.

"Haley, I have met Nathan." Rebecca stated once I slid into the car. "He is a really nice guy and I think you might like him."

"Rebecca why are you trying to find me a guy?" I leaned back in my seat wishing we could just turn around and go home.

"Because out of all of us, you are the only one who still haven't felt love." Rebecca glanced.

"So what? Why does it matter?"

"Haley you're almost thirty! Half of our friends are married and I'm engaged with Daniel."

"Then why can't you work with someone else in our group for love?" Why can't they just leave me alone if I don't want someone?

"Because you are the only one who doesn't date." Rebecca sighed. "We are only doing what we think is best for you."

"Look I'm twenty-eight and you sound like my parents." Please god make this night end quick. "Do you not think I know what I want? I'm sick and tired of these stupid blind dates Becca!"

"Do you not like guys? Are you a lesbian? Cause if you are I have a couple of friends that could hook you up."

"Becca I am not a lesbian. I just don't want anyone."

"Will you please think about Nathan? Please."

"Will this be my last blind date if I do?"

Rebecca sighed. "Fine."

The rest of the ride was silent. I still strongly dislike this idea but this isn't the first time she has tried this. I'm just wondering when she will give up.

We arrived at the restaurant with Daniel and Nathan waiting for us. Nathan was blond with blue eyes and very pale he was also very tall. I wouldn't doubt if he played basketball. 

Daniel and Rebecca matched. Dark hair and eyes with white skin color. I'm not joking they are so freaking white they could be vampires.

I'm just a red head with ton of freckles and almost always sunburned. 

"Hey Rebecca." Daniel smiled and kissed her. "Hi there Haley. This is Nathan. Nathan. Haley." He pointed to us.

Let me just cut to the chase.

The date went... Ummm how do I put this..... Okay? Nathan was a nice guy but not my cup of tea. At the end he didn't like me either.

Rebecca was really disappointed in me and on the way home it was obvious.

"Did you even try?" Rebecca finally talked. "Why can't you just like someone!"

Rebecca was mad but I really could care less. I didn't want this stupid thing to happen anyway. I wanted her to give up.

"Becca I don't need to like someone or fall in love. I think work is more important." Then I remember. "Dammit! I still have a report to write!"

"When is it due?"

"Next week. But I want it done early because I am going to the family get to together." Even in my family I was the one not married. 

"Sometimes Hales you just need a break from everything." Rebecca pulled into my driveway. "Go on Vacation or something."

"Silly Becca I don't have time for all that." I got out of her car and said goodbye. 

My house wasn't that big but not small either. Two bedroom and bathroom. A living room and a kitchen and a dining room. Not bad for a house right? Although everything is white. One bedroom I sleep in and the other I work in.

I don't have much furniture. Couch, a T.V., a small table and thats pretty much it. What can I say I don't buy much stuff and one of the reasons my mom will never be coming over. She would take me shopping for things I didn't need.

I was planing on staying up and watch my favorite late night shows but I decided to call it a night.

I went to my fridge and pulled out a glass of wine. I always drink some before I go to bed. They say that if you drink wine before bed it help your heart or something all I know it was helpful to drink it.

My fridge was almost empty which means I have to go to Wal-mart. Gotta love Wal-mart.

I also had to do the dishes. I sighed turn off the lights and went to my room. I might not have a ton of things but my room has it all. A wonderful bed, night stand, and a bookshelf. I have books everywhere, in every room there's books. My bed is cover in books to and so is my night stand. What can I say I love books.

I dressed for the night which I sometimes think is weird why get dress at night when all you ever gonna do is sleep? Thats why I sometimes sleep naked. Tonight I was sleeping in clothes.

As I got into bed I put my wine glass on my night stand and pick up a book called Shawdowfever by Karen Marie Moning. 

Next time I looked at the clock it was almost midnight. I decided to stop reading and go to bed.

As I closed my eyes I didn't know what awaited me in my dreams. What was about to happen in my dreams changed my life.


The End

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