Unknown LoveMature

A girl that doesn't believe in love one night goes to sleep and in her dreams she founds out about the Unknown Love that was in her.


"Mistress!" A dark figure spoke from the shadows of the trees. "We have a problem!"

"What is it my dear?" A beautiful lady dressed in pure white asked in the middle of the forest.

"I found a girl." The figure came out of the darkness that surrounded them. The figure was a handsome man with dark features.

"And does she love?" The lady's voice was powerful and sweet at the same time.

"No my Mistress. She is unknown to it."

"Another Unknown Love soul." She paused as she paced back and forth. "Aiden you must go to her dreams and have her understand Love."

"But Mistress who will she fall in love with?" Aiden asked.

"That Aiden is for you to decide." His Mistress gently touched him. "Go my love and fill her dreams with her Unknown Love."

"Yes my Mistress." Aiden bowed and disappeared in the darkness of the forest.

The End

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