Unknown KillerMature

He brings justice, hides in shadows to kill the evil men of the world

The man in question worn a black suit and glided through the room unnoticed. He was invisible, no one knew him. He was this tall, dark and handsome.  The man went out in the pouring rain late at night and whistled for black cab, on the journey to wherever he was going he was anxious, afraid to the where this journey was going to take him. The black cab came to halt he pay the cabbie and got out to find a big house right in front of him. The big house was white and had a big red door with a holly wreath; he knocked on the door to find an attractive young woman answered. The man was confused …   


“Hello sir, may I help you?” said the young woman all sweet and innocent she didn’t know.        

“I was wondering if Mr Furrow lives here I would like to speak to him, my name is Mr Smith”. That wasn’t the man real name but he would have said anything to get in that house. 

“Yes, he does but it is quite late Mr Smiths he’s asleep can I take a message”. He was dishearten he wanted to get in there and finish job he come here to do.  “Oh no I will go and call round again so other time”. The woman smiled and shut the door; he went leave never looking back and walked in to the night. 


The blood was everywhere the walls were covered bright red and it was all silent until this dark figure appears out of nowhere.

Suddenly the man opens his eyes from the horrible nightmare he just had he doesn’t know what it means and that’s what scares him the most. He got up as he could not go to sleep for a while so instead he watched TV until he fell asleep on the sofa. The noise of his cell phone woke him up.

“Hello…. Yes but I couldn’t get to him I know I’ll try again tonight and if I don’t I’d what to do… Bye”. He shut the cell phone and goes to get freshen up changed of clothes for new day same guild lines.


So he comes out of his house in a blue clean shirt and sleek black trousers into his silver Volvo he puts his sunglasses on drives off to the house from last night. Upon arrive he parks round the corner unnoticed; get out of the car and goes to knock the door. The girl answers the door and acknowledges that it was the man that was here before and knows what he wants. He enters the house to see a grand staircase spiralling in the ceiling.

“He’s upstairs in the study”. She showed him to the stairs and then left for the kitchen. The man was little concern that the girl was in the house when as he was going up the stairs he rushed off out of the door. The man smiled as this was a lucky break and now he was finally alone with his target.


As he walked along the hallway it’s was dark and cold there was on light only the artificial light of the lamps were burning bright. He finally reached the door to the study and turned the doorknob.


The man was frail. He had crisp white hair and sat in armchair with blanket over his legs and gun in one of his shaky hand. The two men stared down the man looked at Mr Furrow in pity and anger together.

“I know why your here, Mr Cullen” said the old man looking out of the window.

“So you try to kill” his voice was calm not even surprised that the dodged bullet was for him.

“I thought I get in there first seems that why your here”.

Suddenly the man took to stride across the room and lifted Mr Furrows by the scruff of this red white sweater.

“You are only in this position because of your evil deeds in past now it’s time for justice”.

“Ple...ease I have a daughter, please don’t kill me” the image of the attractive young lady entered his mind and drops the old man back in his armchair trying to catch his breath the man froze. The man only hesitates for a moment when he takes his own gun from the back of his trousers and pointed it at the pale old man.

 It was dark and the man was in his car waiting for the young lady to appear he had left half hour ago and still no sign of her. Out of nowhere a car pulled up in front of the house and the young lady climb out and unlock the door, a couple of minutes inside and suddenly the blood curdling scream he was waiting for. He left crossing the name off his list. One down five more to go and sped off home to another restless sleep, as he knew that he would sleep easy when he knew all of his enemies are dead.      

The End

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