Unknown Existence

In a land far away, and a world unknown to many, lived the sole survivor of a terrible meteor strike that had hit the plant ninety years in the past; the survivor was alone in the world, but fortunately it was unaware of this, as it had never moved from where it stood in all of the one hundred years of its long life. The reason for the stillness was quite simple: it was a tree.
It was tall, with a wide trunk that would have measured five metres in circumference, if anyone had been around to measure it. It had branches that were covered in leaves of the green variety for half of the year, but when the weather started to cool they would, as these things go, start to turn yellow and then fall to the ground. The tree would have been an amazing sight to see, and so it was a shame that there was no one to see it. The tree tended to think of itself as ‘Me’-something that is not entirely surprising. Then again, as very few people are aware of the thoughts of trees, perhaps it is.
Me was not lonely; it is hard for a tree to be aware of the concept. Besides, there were others that did come to visit it, even though they could not be seen. Me had four friends who visited regularly, coming form the North, South, East and West. It is natural then that this is what they called themselves. Me had long ago decided that these four loathed each other so strongly that they could not bear the sight of each other, because one would always leave before another arrived; they would never visit Me together. This made Me unhappy for short periods of time, but soon it would pass because a tree is not much of a brooder.
Then there were the many different friends that came out of the sky, and seemed to be friends of North, South, east and West, although they too did not get on very well. However, occasionally they would meet up, in an effort to mend their ways, but it never lasted long. Snow would come to Me and describe Rain as being rather wet, whilst Rain’s favourite word to use when talking about Hail was ‘hard’. All of them, apart from Rain (who was willing to look upon the light in order to darken it) despised the one who shone most of all. Me knew it as Sun, and it realised that to make an enemy of Sun would be an incredibly stupid thing to do.
At night, Me would rustle its lustrous leaves and look up at the heavens of pin-prick lights. They whispered down to it, asking it to save someone who was, apparently, in grave danger from three two-legged beings. Me began to get very annoyed with them, as it loved to doze in a way that only trees can, and the pin-prick lights would continuously disturb those dreams.
Anyway, that is the story of Me the tree. As a quick conclusion, I should tell you that Me continued to live for many more years- about a thousand, in fact. For all anyone knows, it is still on that far away plant, talking to its friends and getting annoyed at the lights.

The End

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