Chapter 1: Raven's Den

"One blackbird, who's wings were tattered and scarred from the ancient battle of Alluria, was named Gallerae. Now, Gallerae was the keeper of the skies. He was a shapeshifter, a gift given to him by the great Flux, the God of shapeshifting. Flux watched over him, day and night, to make sure he wasn't bothering the other keepers, Tempus, the keeper of time, Diem, the keeper of day,  Mortem, the keeper of death, Nocte, the keeper of night, Venatrix, the keeper of animals, Ignis, the keeper of fire, Vita, the keeper of life/nature, Aqua, the keeper of water, and Caeli, the keeper of air.

"Together the keepers promised to let the balance of earth flow naturally. But that's a totally different story. So, Gallerae, knowing Ignis had lost control of Alluria's flame, and had destroyed the beautiful paradise of Alluria, flew to Aqua and called for her aid. Aqua used her sparkling blue waves upon them, but could not quench the flame's thirst of rage and power. All of the other keepers came to help, but didn't know what to do. They consulted with the almighty Potentia, the godess of earth, balance, and power.

"She told them, 'Dear keepers, you see it all wrong. To make it all right, you must sing my favorite song.' But Potentia was also the smartest out of all the keepers, and wanted to deceive them. She wanted them to look foolish by singing and let the flames devour all of Alluria  so her brother, Mortem, could take the dead lands and claim them for his own. Mortem was angry with the other keepers because he claimed so many souls the others brought back to life.

"Be that as it may, Gallerae overheard Mortem and Potentia's plans and told Flux and the other keepers. The keepers were angered by this and released their rage upon Mortem and Potentia, blasting them deep into the abyss of the galaxy. From then on, Potentia took the shape of the moon and Mortem took the shape of the stars. And that is why every month, on a full moon, the fairies of Alluria bring out flowers and their possessions and lay them out in the ocean, to represent the memory of Potentia and Mortem. Some disgusting little buggers even take their own lives to join Mortem." Father smiles at the lively, bright fire in front of him.

His eyes light up with the flames but it suits his mischievous smile and wonderous green eyes. I yawn once when my eyes grow heavy. "Father, where shall we camp next?" I ask, stifling another yawn. "We will go to Alluria isles and search for food and water. Otherwise, we'll need you to contact Aqua and Vita, Fawn." Father nods once and  climbs his tree, falling fast asleep within minutes.

Yes, my name is Fawn. Fawn Starling. Wouldn't it be a coincidence if my mother's name was Doe? Hah, but I never talk about my mother. She died when I was 5 years old.

I'm 12 years old. I was born under a full moon, and for that, Flux honored me and gave me the abilities of all the keepers of Alluria. I talk to animals and hunt like Venatrix, come out at night like Nocte, heal wounds like Vita, control fire like Ignis, breathe underwater like Aqua, age whenever I want to like Tempus, and so on.

But it frightens me mostly because everyone either calls me a witch, THE keeper, or even worst . . .

The keeper of Magic.

Oh, please! I've never encountered a magical creature in my life! I've never practiced archery with a centaur, played the reed pipe with a satyr, or even collected magical essences with fairies! I find it very irritating when people ask me to cleanse their sons and/or daughters of curses and spells that they claim witches bore onto them from ancestors. I don't like it one bit!

People pay Father just to talk to me! My Father, being poor and needy, greedily accepts the money and lets people see me, even when I'm sleeping! I hate this! I don't want to be rich, I don't want my life to change! If this keeps up, I'm going to start stealing and robbing Alluria cities just to get my life back.

Flux told me I need to train with him and the keepers to become a full keeper. I haven't met any keepers except for Flux but I know in the future I will. The one keeper I want to meet the most would have to be... 

Tempus. For some reason, time, clocks, and hourglasses fascinate me. I love controlling time. It's interesting how this time thing works, and I want to learn more about it. And myself, of course. 

But Venatrix also has an interest to me. Hunting is one of my specialties. With Flux's speed, Venatrix's skills, and Nocte's keen sight, I'm invincible. But I'm also deadly in the water, in the air, and in the bushes. I feel sorta like a human death trap. Designed with keen skills and advanced human abilities. This may sound crazy from a 13 year old 'human' kid. Father says that tomorrow we're going to Goulding, a rich city full of merchants and trade companies. I hope Flux decides to take me training or something.. I really don't want to go!

The End

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