Raven: Interesting...

I glanced up from the book I was reading, hearing the talking in the hallway. There was an unfamiliar voice there too. Jasper looked up too, his eyes meeting mine. His body was tense as he listened to the conversation from outside. I rolled my eyes as his protectiveness of me took over him.

"If you want to eavesdrop, you may as well go outside and actually participate in the conversation," I said dryly.

Jasper narrowed his eyes at me but said nothing. I raised an eyebrow at him and went back to my book.

"You still think me foolish for caring about your safety?" he asked, very seriously.

"I think it's silly that you're prepared to do anything for me," I said easily without glancing up at him.

My book was suddenly gone from my hands. Jasper sat kneeling between my legs with my book in his hands. I tried to grab at it but he lifted it above his head and grabbed both my wrists in his spare hand. He pushed me back down on the mattress and kissed my forehead.

"I'd do anything, Raven," he whispered before setting my book down, getting up and leaving the room to investigate.

All I could do was stare after him in silence, too shocked to say a word. I picked up my book again but found myself unable to focus on the letters. I folded the corner of the page over and got up, going out into the hall.

When my eyes met Jasper's, I couldn't help but blush slightly. He smiled faintly but quickly refocused on whatever this guy was saying.

Danger. The word automatically flew around my head as soon as I looked at him. The mark on his neck marked him out as a hunter. My eyes shot back to Jasper and he nodded slightly; he'd already recognised the threat.

Calm, he whispered to me telepathically. I did my best to follow his instruction, eventually being able to think relatively clearly.

"I can get Katie out of her room if you wish, headmistress," Jasper said, turning back to our visitors.

"Please, if you could be so kind," Ms Stella smiled.

"I'll get her; Jasper wouldn't want to ruin his reputation of not talking to anyone," I said, batting my eyelashes playfully at Jasper.

Jasper smiled slightly, amused. He stepped aside to let me pass. I went to Katie's door and knocked on the door. When there was a noise, I opened the door and poked my head around.

"Katie, there's someone here who wants to see you," I told her.

"Tell them to go away," she mumbled.

I went in, shutting the door to. "I'm afraid it's not as simple as that; he's a hunter. I guess he's come to make sure you and Marti are safe here. That's my guess anyway. And he looked like he wasn't leaving until he saw you were both at least alive."

"Can't you just assure him that I have you lot to protect me?" she groaned.

"Ah, no, Katie, sorry."

She groaned again but got up and followed me out.

The End

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