Victoria: Trouble in Paradise

"How'm I looking, babe?"

"Huh?" I asked, breaking my gaze from the paper in my lap and locking eyes with Dalton. He had his leg propped on the coffee table, and his imaginary abs and pecks pushed out as far as they would go.

"Are you capturing my beauty alright?" he grinned.

I blinked and stared at the paper. I'd barely scratched four thin, shady lines, and none of them resembled any part of my posing boyfriend.

"Uh, yeah." I grabbed my books and pencil case from the floor and buried the drawing among them.

"What are you doing? Let me see." He stepped down from the coffee table and took a step towards me.

"No!" I snapped a little too quickly, hopping to my feet. Dalton halted in his tracks, his eyes full of confusion. "I can't show you a work-in-progress."

"Awh, I love it when you get all protective of your art." He pushed the pile out of my arms and onto the kitchen counter, slipping his hands around my waist.

"Oh?" I asked, an uneasy sweat breaking out on the back of my neck.

Dalton pressed his lips against my mouth, and he inhaled noisily in front of my face. I wished I could pull back for a moment to lick my dry lips, but the intensity of his kiss eliminated that option.

Something's really not right, my snakes whispered ominously, causing my heart to twist in panic.

The apartment door swung open, and I found I had never been happier to see Ms. Stella in my life.

"Oh my god, headmistress!" I yelled pointedly, wriggling away from Dalton's grip and directing his attention towards the principle, and the strange visitor accompanying her.

The End

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