Brendan: Into the Monsters Den

I heard the crunch of gravel under my feet as I approached the legendary school of monsters. Already I could feel multiple sets of eyes bore into me. I just threw on a cocky smile and hovered my hand over my gun loaded with silver bullets, ready to fight back if needed. But no one would dare challenge a hunter, not here. Because if one thing went wrong here, we could shut the whole place down very, very easily.

“Brendan Elliot, pleasure to meet your acquaintance again,” Claudia murmured from the main entrance, the main corridor behind it suspiciously empty.
“I severely doubt you consider it a pleasure, vampire,” I replied. She cocked an eyebrow and turned to lead the way.
“I assume there is a reason for the random inspection? We had one a few months ago and the guild was satisfied,” Claudia asked.
“That was before you explained that you were allowing humans entry into your school,” I replied.

“I didn't realise it wasn't allowed. But if you wish to see one or both to assure yourself of their safety then so be it, follow me,” Claudia said, putting on false confusion I easily saw through. We both know she had sneaked around with the humans. She led me towards the dorm building, found the door she wanted and opened it. I'd prepared for a lot. Blood and guts, general violence. I didn't really want to see monsters making out, that was to say the least, a very unsavoury image I hoped to forget sooner rather than later.

“Oh my god, headmistress!” The girl shrieked, pushing herself away from the young man who immediately sent me a wary expression. I quickly categorised them and knew that the boy was the minor threat, I had no intention of being turned to stone if I could avoid it.
“Where's Katie and Marti?” Claudia asked, not phased by the scene she walked into.
“Marti went off with Ivory somewhere, probably the east woods, no one else goes there so they don't get bothered by others,” The girl replied.

“And Katie?” Claudia asked after a nod. This time the girl shifted uncomfortably and suppressed a gulp.
“She slammed her door shut and made it pretty clear she wanted to be left alone,” The boy said with a shrug before standing up.
“Let's go,” He directed to the girl who nodded and followed. Sending me a curious glance as she left. She may have glasses on, but I was able to tell. Though I was more used to anger or fright than curiosity. The monsters saw the hunter's brand round my neck and recognised what I was straight away.

A hunter, and I was under very specific orders to stay here for as long as I felt necessary. If there wasn't sufficient protection for the human girls, I had to pull the plug at last. Truthfully the guild had been waiting for an opportunity like this. Monsters gathered in large groups was never a good thing. Plans and schemes grew from them.

The End

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