Mr. Taur: When In Rome

What the hell is this...?

Rome had seemed the ideal destination. A city steeped in history and mythology and art and romance. A city born with the smallest of idea from the unassuming boys raised by the she-wolf. In the same way, I had a small idea of changing the world. Hence you can see why I'd originally thought Rome would be a good, safe place to start.

But now I was standing in an underground tunnel, as people in business suits tore left and right, sprinting up and down escalators, slipping through turnstiles, calling out to each other, disappearing.

To say no one noticed me - the giant man with the head of a hideous bull - as I stood in horror and confusion in the Metro station in Termini would be an exaggeration. But they surely did not have the time to stop and wonder what on Earth I was doing there.

I followed a neatly dressed woman with amazing posture as she left the steps and headed right. This brought me to those turnstiles I mentioned a moment ago. She slipped a small piece of paper into a machine, retrieved it, and pushed her way through, disappearing into the sea of commuters.

"Scusi..." came a meek voice from my left.

I turned to see a woman - late thirties, I guessed, and clearly Italian - looking up at me with a shy expression.

"Er... Yes," I said, wishing I knew how to speak a few words of her language.

She raised her eyebrows. "You speak English?" she asked, her accent still heavy.

"Yes," I managed to choke out, as I was majorly distracted by her dazzling brown eyes.

"I am sorry if I offend you but... You're a minotaur?"

I bit my tongue as I started to say "yes" again. "I am."

Her eyes sparkled. "I majored in Greek and Roman Mythology in University. I did a PhD on Mythological Beasts." She paused, looking startled by her own words. "I-I don't mean to say you are a beast -"

"I know, I know," I quickly assured her. "You're not bad-looking yourself." I flinched. Jeez. Humour never was my strongest attribute.

She smiled all the same. "Is this your first trip on the Metro?"

I gave an awkward nod.

"Where are you going?"

"Policlinico. I have an apartment booked there."

She broke into a smile again. "We're heading the same way. Come with me." She strode towards a ticket machine, and I quickly followed her.

"My name's Bruce," I blurted.

"I'm Anna." She pulled a ticket from behind a plastic flap near the bottom of the machine and handed it to me. "Welcome to Roma."

The End

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