Jasper: Hello...

I sat on the bed of our new room, with my feet up on the side table.

"Jasper, get your feet down," Raven ordered. "Or at least take your shoes off."

I took my feet down as she said.

"Since when did you do as I said?" she mumbled rhetorically.

"Since we had to leave our dorm," I told her.

She frowned at me and turned back to unpacking her stuff. I'd already done all mine. Raven and I may have been practically the same species, but we almost never met eye to eye.

I turned the coin over and over between my fingers, just for something to do; I hated just sitting still. Raven noticed it.

"If you're bored, go and meet our new dorm mates," she said.

"Alone? I don't think so."

"I'll always be in there," she said, tapping my forehead. I jerked away.

"It's not exactly the same though, is it? Besides, you know I don't like vampires."

"This one isn't like the others. He seems alright."

"Never judge a vampire by its fangs," I muttered.

She paused and turned around. "That doesn't even make sense."

"It's not supposed to make sense; it's just a reminder that they bite."

"Oh, just shut up," she moaned.

"That's no way to speak to your elder," I joked.

"You're only seven years older than me."

"And? You're under my protection."

"I never asked to be protected."

I didn't reply to that; it was our most common argument. I began twirling the coin again. Raven pushed her small bag in the cupboard.

"Finished," she breathed. "I do believe it's necessary for us to go and say hello."

I groaned but let her pull me up and drag me from the room. Shutting the door behind us, I followed her into the living room. There was a girl sat on the couch with long brown hair and grey eyes. She seemed to be about Raven's height and about 18 years old, though looks could be deceiving, as I myself knew. She was watching TV with the vampire sat next to her. I carefully watched his every move, just in case he was to try and attack Raven.

"Hi again, Raven," said the vampire. Alarm bells went off in my head; Raven had met this possible danger before, without me to protect her. I'd have to make sure to have words with her later on.

"Hi, Ben," she said, smiling. The fact that they knew each other's names wasn't a very good thing in my opinion.

"Oh, hi, Raven," said the girl, looking up from the TV.

"This is Jasper," Raven said, gesturing to me.

"Come and join us," said the girl, who I assumed was Katie.

The vampire, Ben, watched me like a hawk as I sat beside Raven, who was sitting next to Katie. He'd obviously been told I was possibly dangerous.

"So, are you two.. like, going out?" Katie asked curiously.

"No," Raven said, "Jasper's my oldest and closest friend."

"Oh, cool. How did you meet?"

"In our colony. He's also my protector."

"Kind of like a bodyguard?" asked Katie, even more curious than before.

"In a way," I said, hoping to end the conversation there, but much to my distress, Raven continued.

"In our colony, I was the daughter of a king, I was a princess. After my father's throne was overthrown, I fled, pursued by my own kind. My mother sent Jasper with me to take care of me, to protect me."

"How long ago was this? How old are you?" Katie's curiosity was insatiable.

"Well, I'm 196 in two months time," Raven said.

"Really?" Ben asked.


The End

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