Victoria: Learning

I was curled up in the darkest corner of the library when Mr. Taur found me. Ever since the Redding scandal, this had been my sanctuary. A place where I could read and drawand not have to face anyone or think about the chaos I'd caused. No matter how many times I apologised to Katie and Marti, the sick feeling of guilt still gnawed at my stomach every time I was in a room with them.

I was almost finished the book on Human Art, though I'd skipped over the part on the Media. Maybe I'd face into it when I'd read all of the other chapters.


I briskly slipped on my sunglasses, and looked up to see Mr. Taur, surprised to see him in jagged cut-off jeans and a hoodie rather than his usual beige suit trousers. His beady black eyes were anxious, tired.

"Sir," I said, jumping to my feet. We hadn't seen each other since the Redding incident.

"How are you?" he asked me.

I nodded. "I'm fine. How are you?"

He nervously ran a hand over his fuzzy head. "Not doing so good, Victoria. I'm... Retiring from teaching."

My heart dropped to my feet. "What? Sir, you can't, you love this school! You love teaching!"

He gave a shrug of his oxen shoulders. "Perhaps I have a second caller out there. Something that will let me make a different without... Without endangering and letting others down. Maybe I'll write books. Become a politician. Start an anti-supernatural discrimination group."

I smiled in spite of myself.

"Good luck, Victoria. Never stop learning."

I nodded. "Thank you, sir. I won't."

He nodded his giant bull head and turned away from me.

I curled myself into a ball in the corner again, hugging the Art book to my chest. After a moment I opened it, flicked to the page I was reading before, removed my sunglasses and got stuck back in.

I ignored the fact that I had two text messages from Dalton, and one from Katie.

The End

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