Marti: Thanks with a Blush.


I shivered against the cold morning air, the frosty dew that coated the grass had made the grounds look like a pale wonderland. But I knew that if I left the safety of the trees the illusion would be shattered. In the distance I could hear sirens and I could only hope they weren't sirens meant for the university. I turned my gaze from the gaps in the trees and wondered where Ivory had gone.

“Ivory?” I whispered tentatively as I walked forward, careful not to let the frost crunch too loudly as I did.

“Won't be long” his voice came from behind a bunch of bushes and it didn't take a genius to figure out what he was doing. When he was still a unicorn he ran back out of the trees to grab his cloths. As he said, he didn't take long and emerged from behind the bushes, his hair a wild mess. Without thinking I walked up to him and tried to straighten it out then stopped, realising how inappropriate I was being.

“Sorry” I muttered, pulling my hands behind my back.

“I don't mind” he replied with a small shrug.

“How long do we think we have before they find us?” I asked, Ivory opened his mouth and closed it.

“I don't know” he said honestly.

“Do you think we can leave the university ground without being spotted?” I asked and we both knew the answer was no. The only entrance was a huge trek of gavel pathway surrounded by sparse trees and bushes. No way we'd avoid detection.

“Could we get into Katie dorm room?” I asked, figuring that'd be the next safest place.

“They'd probably look there. And some of our dorm mates were in the mob” Ivory said, I nodded. I watched the parking lot with anticipation, someone had to come and get me eventually, right?

“Thanks” I said for the hundredth time, Ivory just smiled and shrugged again. I let out a defeated sign and sat down on the grass, ignoring the cold chills it caused as the frost soaked into my jeans.

“Least yesterday was interesting. Not many people can say they've met a unicorn or vampire or a girl with snakes for hair or a guy with hair that changes colour” I was starting to rant. Ivory sat down next to me, he didn't do or say anything, just listened to me list all the things that had happened.

“...or experience a mob...a violent one, its scary how many people agree with my dad” I rubbed my hands over my jeans. I really didn't want to have some kind of panic attack here of all places. We'd definitely be found.

“You did have fun it seemed, until everything got out of hand” Ivory finally said into the silence.

“I must seem so dumb to you. I know my first impression wasn't exactly...graceful” I replied, laughing to myself a little.

“Naw, just ignorant like me. I didn't know what a TV was until I came here” He said and I tried and failed to stop myself laughing but he didn't seem bothered by it.

“Your pretty good at cheering people up” I said. Ivory did another non-committal shrug giving me the feeling he wasn't the most confident person. Neither was I but I tended to hide by over compensating with optimism. People found it easy to assume that because of it, I must be confident as well.

“You are” I repeated, starting to stand up, “And thanks again” I leaned over and peeked him on the cheek before standing up fully.

“N-no problem” he stammered. I looked over and saw that his cheeks had turned bright red.

“You realise your being adorable right now right?” I said, causing the red stain to spread further. I giggled and walked deeper into the woods.  

The End

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