Ben then Katie: Aftermath


“Things have become more hectic than I anticipated” she said, a frown creasing her forehead.

“You don't say” I didn't even bother hiding the bitterness in my voice. How was I supposed to react? Katie being human was one thing, but related to Stephen Redding? The guy who badmouthed supernaturals and was rich as a result of it. But Katie was nothing like that, ignorant yes, she admitted as much. But she never outright hated us. But the majority of the student body wouldn't see it that way.

“Don't get sassy Ben, its not an attitude that suits you” She walked into a side room and came back with a glass and what looked like a strong alcoholic drink.

“That bad then?” I asked to which Claudia just signed and met my eyes honestly.

“I'd hoped that the truth would come out in a...quieter way. And that the fact she was nice in spite of it would mean the more angrier of our many species would be more accepting. Instead there's a mob out there waiting patiently for Katie's eventual return”. I stared at her wide-eyed.

“Your letting her come back here?” I asked. A day had passed, but even now the shimmering wrath was tangible in the air.

“Yes. She has no wish to transfer. But if she is going to be here, she will need a strong group to protect her. I've no doubt fights will break out. And I can only do so much when half of the teachers think this whole scheme is crazy” She replied, she walked over to her desk and threw him a folder.

“What is this?” I asked, flicking through and finding various student files.

“A more in-depth look at some of the student body. The people who will be a bigger threat to Katie, and the ones who might be more willing to aid in her protection. Go out and make some friends Ben. Katie needs them, and you want to help her. Don't you?” I eyed my grandmother warily and began to wonder just how deeply she'd planned this. But the glass that was nearly empty of liquid suggested just how by surprise all of this had taken her.

“Why is Darlton in here?” I asked

“Because while he may not be violent, he has made his dislike of Katie clear. I can't be certain what he will or won't do. And he shares close quarters with her” Claudia explained.

“I'd be more concerned by Victoria to be honest, she started this from what I can tell” I commented, closing the folder. Extra homework, joy.

“Then watch her too. This is the time when if they're going to move against Katie, they will have no choice but to do it on the sly. So you have to get very good at spying and following people without being noticed” Claudia said, a little grin on her face.

“Why did I ever think university was a good idea?” I moaned inwardly as I approached the door.

“Because you would do anything to escape your parents” Claudia replied even though I had no interest in hearing my own motives repeated back to me.

“Oh, and one last thing” I turned to face her, figuring she can't give me a worse job to do.

“Martha, Katie's cousin, is still somewhere on the grounds. Try and find her and bring her straight here”.


“I'm not pressing charges. So I won't give a statement. Go away” I was getting sick and tired of repeating the same thing to a different police officer. I didn't care how much publicity Steve wanted to carve away from this event. I was not going to fuel the fire.

“Katie! Oh good, your safe” I cringed as mother wrapped her arms awkwardly round me God forbid she didn't make a show. The world needed to know what a kind and caring mother she was. Thankfully it didn't last long. I locked gazes with my dad. He may have been a jerk, but he did good business with some rich supernatural families. And he was forever struggling with his brother-in-laws widely known opinions. The dark circles showed as much, guess he's going through one hell of a PR nightmare.

“What have you told them?” he asked

“Nothing” I said, expecting the breath of relief. As long as his immediate family wasn't giving support he could maintain some credibility.

“Can I go back now?” I asked, even the police officer who were trained not to display his emotions looked shocked.

“You want to go back?” my mothers voice had never sounded quite that high-pitched before. I had to suppress the urge to laugh.

“I've already spoken to the headmistress, she says its fine. She said she'll put things in place to protect me. Besides, Marti's still there and I need to find her. I asked the headmistress about her and she didn't know anything. So either Marti got away and is laying low or...” I stopped myself from continuing that line of thought. If I wasn't careful the hunters guild would appear. I'm sure their just waiting for a chance to tear the university apart. They don't like supernaturals growing smart and united.  

The End

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