Katie then Marti: And The Crowd Goes Wild.


I remember back when my biggest fear was playing chicken back and forth between our school and the run-down ghetto where the “weird people” lived, to use my ignorant teenage minds description. I'd panic that I'd meet someone there, but I never dreamed I'd have to face this kind of mob.

“What's the meaning of this? Don't you people understand who I am?” I fought very, very hard not to yell at my uncle when he said that. I saw Marti roll her eyes and bite her lip from the corner of my eye.

“Yes, we do. And it's why were all here you scum” Darlton yelled out, a sea of faces nodded in agreement. There was no way she could stay in the university if they found out. Luckily there was still a fair amount of space between them and Steve. Still a hope they can feign chance meeting.

“This place is boring and full of over dramatic idiots. Come on Martha”. Damn him! He reached and to grab and pull Marti's arm but she yanked back, not disguising her anger. He was properly the only person on this planet that could make her this mad. Least I hoped so, because Marti could really do angry if she wanted to.

“Do you two know him?!” Darlton asked, not even attempting to disguise how incredulous his voice sounded.

“Of course not. Katie wouldn't associate with someone like him” Ben said, it felt like he was trying to convince himself more than others, “Right?” I hadn't realised just how deep and beautiful his blue eyes were until then. Then again I have been avoiding his gaze most of the time. Because the intensity spoke of so much I couldn't even name, let alone comprehend.

“Katelyn don't just stand there. I know there odd looking, but its rude to stare. My sister wouldn't forgive me if I allowed you to display such inappropriate manners. Even in front of these things” That was it. I had no idea where it came from, I just knew one second I was trying to make Ben understand desperately with a look, then my hand stung from the ferocity of the slap.

“You need to leave. Now” I made it clear with my voice that uncle would not argue with me this time. Besides, the security guards were turning up now and ushering him towards the car. It's like my slap was the catalyst, because people were breaking from the crowd. Heading straight for them. I was pushed over in the chaos before one of the guards grabbed me and fought through the mass of bodies to one of the back doors and threw me onto the soft leather seat.

“Drive now” Steve said in a tight voice next to me.

“This is all your fault” I said, looking him straight in the eye. He just shrugged. It wasn't till they'd driven away and I'd pulled my eyes from a shocked Ben's face to realise something.

“Where's Marti?!”


I struggled against the bodies rushing past and tried hopeless to search through the sea of cloths and various skins to find Katie. I wanted to call out for help, but was scared someone would recognise my voice and aim for me instead. A loud high-pitched noise reached my ears. I turned and almost fell backwards on my butt. I've seen horses from a distance, but it didn't match being a breath away from a pure white unicorn. His horn gleamed under the sunlight. He reared again, causing the crowd closest to us to disperse.

Get on! Quickly!

“Ivory?” I whispered his name, not wanting to draw attention to myself, then again the unicorn kinda contradicted that point. The same gentle voice entered my mind, repeating the request, urgency clear in his thought. I'd never ridden a horse, how on earth was I meant to go about getting on his back?

Don't worry, you won't hurt me.

I chewed my lip a little. It was easy to say it and not mean it. Then again it was probably harder to lie with thoughts. I approached his back cautiously and pulled myself up, grabbing onto his mane for dear life. Then he kicked back his legs and took off full pelt into a wooded area.

“At least Katie's safe” I murmured to myself. Ivory let out a little neigh in agreement.

The End

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