Ivory: Prelude to Chaos

Ivory had no idea who Stephen Redding was. Someone important, he suspected. Not wanting to ask the Minotaur what was going on (the guy was at least twice his height and very, very scary), Ivory followed behind Katie and her cousin Marti.

“Who’s Stephen Redding?” Ivory asked hesitantly as the three of them walked towards the parking lot.

He hated the feel of pavement under his feet. It didn’t feel right and there was no way he was having horse shoes nailed to his feet. The indignity...

“You don’t know?” the girls nearly spoke in unison and Ivory stopped still at their surprise.

“Um, no?” He shook his head, utterly clueless.

The two girls exchanged glances.

“You’ve never heard of him before?” Katie asked, one hand held high to keep her cousin from speaking.

Ivory shook his head once more, blowing his mane out of his face when he stopped.

“How can you not have heard of my father!” Marti blurted, hands suddenly shooting up to cover her mouth.

“Who hasn’t heard of me?”

Ivory looks up to see a tall man, whose brown hair was getting rather grey. He had the same stubble that Ivory had noticed on the more human of the students on campus, a 5 O’clock shadow or something was what it was called. But it was the grey eyes that stared at him, that made Ivory shiver.

“Right um...” Katie looked from the man to Ivory to Marti and back around again. “So, uh, this is ivory and he’s a Unicorn, you know a harmless healing type...”

Ivory nodded, figuring that was definitely something he could agree to.

“Looks more like a freak of nature to me,” the man laughed. “Probably grows fangs and sucks your blood at night.”

“But, but I’m an herbivore,” Ivory managed to stammer.

“Herbivore, Shmervibore.” The man sneered. “Your still a blood sucking blight on the human race, just like the rest of the monsters in this University.” He spat on the ground and strode past where Ivory.

Ivory was so dumb struck he didn’t even notice the pavement anymore. Pivoting he watched and Katie and Marti tried to keep the man from the University.


Katie and Marti froze as the rabble of kids, lead by the giant Monitaur, rounded the corner of the Assembly building.

The End

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