Victoria: A Bad Feeling

Mr. Taur was organizing the rabble of students that had gathered - most of them I recognized from Art class, but others seem to have found out about us through word of mouth. I couldn't concentrate on what was happening - I was too preoccupied with glaring in the direction Katie had taken Marti. At some stage, Ivory slunk away after them, obviously a little intimidated by Mr. Taur and the rowdy gang.

I should have known all along. Katie wasn't on our side at all. She said all of these things about loving us and our school, but when it came down to it she sided with that politically incorrect idiot of a man; in the end, she had stuck to her species. Betrayed us, who she called her friends. I couldn't make sense of it.

Dalton emerged from the engrossed crowd, and wrapped his arms around my waist. "I'm proud of you, Vic. You started all of this."

I glanced at all the eager-eyed students as they hung on Mr. Taur's every word. Dalton was right. There were here because of me. They were here... And we were going to get rid of Redding. Yet why did I feel so empty?

I took Dalton by the hand and pulled him just out of earshot of the group. "Dalton, do you... Do you think there's something Katie's not telling us?"

"I dunno. Like what?" Dalton's tone grew slightly bitter now that we were talking about Katie. He was perfectly happy talking about humans, so long as they weren't humans that we had to tolerate.

"I'm not sure. Maybe about Marti?"

"What could she possibly be hiding about her crazy cousin? I don't think that girl could keep a secret even if she wanted to."

I shrugged slowly. "I just have a bad feeling." I made a quick decision. "Wait here. I have to..." I shook my head, unable to finish my sentence because suddenly my body was working ahead of my mind, and I was heading urgently towards the parking lot, where the other three had vanished.

I tentatively put a hand to my sunglasses, ready to whip them off if needed.

The End

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