Katie then Ben: Close to breaking point.


Marti was still giggling at poor, uncomfortable Ivory, but I'd rather she met him first than one of the others, like say Ben.

“So what's it like being a unicorn?” Marti asked, her eyes alight with childish innocence and curiosity. Before Ivory could answer though a very panicked Victoria rushed past. I told marti to stay where she was and caught Victoria’s arm.

“What's going on?” I asked. A question echoed as Darlton walked out of a nearby building and saw Victoria confusion.

“I think I saw....no, its not think. That man from the TV” I felt my blood freeze, Oh course. He would've never stay in the car. Miss an opportunity to see the famous and mysterious university of monsters?

“You mean Stephen Redding? Are you serious?” Darlton was somewhere between surprise and excitement. I guess there were a lot of people here who would love to find him and hurt him. I glanced over to Marti, who met my gaze. She herself looked mad. She didn't like anything her dad did. When she found out I managed to get into this university she asked to go herself. But he wouldn't let her, god forbid his daughter go to such a place, he had a reputation to uphold, ugh.


“You should go down there and join your friends” Claudia said, she was gazing out her window. I got up and joined her to see my “friends” below us. Looked like something big was going on. The door crashed open and in stormed a very angry bull.

“Bruce, whatever is the matter?” She asked, her voice calm as she moved to a small storeroom. She pulled out a bowl of some kind of leaf, it looked freshly picked. The bull took it and munched on a few leaves before his eyes lost their angry glow and he collapsed into one of the chairs.

“What's wrong?” She asked a second time, sitting at her desk and placing her hands in one another on top of the smooth wooden surface.

“Stephen Redding is here” He replied. I saw the skin of her neck grow tight, showing ancient veins.

“Ben, go join your friends” She said.

“Who's Stephen Redding?” I asked, my brain drawing a blank.

“The bigot hosting that anti-monsters show” The bull muttered angrily. Now it clicked, and I understood the anger. I really hated that guy, in fact if I was ever gonna actually kill a human it would properly be him. At that thought I felt the blood lust flare. Only it was more blood anger. Yay for being a vampire during adolescence.

“There's synthetic blood in the storeroom Ben, now go” it wasn't a suggestion, it was a firm command. I hesitated, wanting to protest. But I knew it'd be pointless so I grabbed the bottle of synth and walked out, closing the heavy doors behind me.

I ripped the top off the bottle and brought it to my lips. I fought back the urge to spit it back out. I'd always known synth wasn't pleasant, but now that I'd actually tasted human blood I realised just how bad it tasted. I remembered Katie's blood again and scolded myself. I had to stop doing that. I finished the bottle in a few short gulps and threw it in the nearest bin before heading outside. I hoped my fangs would stop throbbing with disappointment and go away before I found the others.

The End

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