Victoria: Mr. Taur Sees Red

Dalton wanted to go to his room to get something before his parents arrived, and I'd had enough of mine already, so I took a stroll out by the arts building. I was so humiliated that Dad had interrogated Dalton like that. I really should have given him a heads-up on what they were like. Still, he'd handled it really well.

I stopped to sit down on a bench, took off my sunglasses and rubbed my tired, aching eyes. 

I heard voices, and looked over to see Mr. Taur, standing tall and bulky, his bull-like head towering over someone else who I couldn't see properly.

Mr. Taur gave a shout, though I couldn't tell what he said. I got up and crept to the edge of the arts building to get a better idea of what was going on.

"You're not welcome here! Have my colleagues and I not made that quite clear?" Mr. Taur was fuming - his huge black eyes were bulging, and I could see his furious breath shooting from his nostrils.

"I have a right to visit!" the other man said quite calmly. I wondered briefly where I'd head his voice before, but Mr. Taur then threw his head to the side and gave a huge, bull-like roar. I stumbled back from the corner, clutching the wall and trying to steady my shaky legs.

The man gave a cry, and next thing Mr. Taur was galloping past. He didn't notice me, but was tearing in the direction of the staff building.

I crept to the edge again, peering carefully around the corner. The man was standing where he'd been before, rubbing at a scratch on his shoulder. He was bleeding, but not heavily.

I staggered backwards again, for I now recognized him.

The End

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