Dalton: Saved By The Human

"No Sir, I'm a pure blooded Saffron." I nodded my head slightly at the words and kept the smile on my face. Victoria's father turned to her and seemed to soften a little in face, not giving much away though.

"Quite a respectable race, I hear. And your parents are...?"

Already wanting to meet my parents, is that good? Getting over my slight internal panic I replied cooly "They plan on coming a little later with the next set of parents, my little sister prefers her hair black or grey and this way they can get through the day's rituals before seeing me."

"Ah, are they high in power then?" Victoria gave her father a sharp look at that as she muttered something about it being none of his business.

"Victoria it is a fair enough question. Your father would like to know the status of your new partner's parents. Do not be so rude."

I smiled at Vicky (I seemed to be doing an awful lot of smiling, my face was starting to hurt) to let her know it was fine, "my grandfather is the leader of our particular society. As there are a little over four thousand in the community my parents and my family overall are quite high in power within the walls of Sergate.
Leaving there however, the humans have not left us with an awful lot." I stopped, realising I'd said too much and cautiously continued "of course, I don't have a problem with them, this is their world too and-"

"Do you know THAT one?!" I couldn't believe my luck when I heard a voice to take the attention from myself, then I realised it was a girl with the human from my dorm room. What a disappointment.

"Katie have you seen his hair?! It's gold! That is so cool!"
To my extreme pleasure, Katie was trying to lead this irritatingly noisy human away, I just hoped she wouldn't see any of Vicky's or her parent's-

"THOSE ARE SNAKES!" That was it, the girl broke free from Katie's warning pull and raced over towards us who were all watching her, each with a necessary amount of fear in our eyes - thank God the Meduse's wore sun glasses.

Stifling a sigh, Katie smiled at the girl, "This is Victoria and Dalton, they are in my dorm room."
"What are they? I mean... what are you?" she asked, addressing us both with excitement sparkling in her eyes. "Oh, I'm Marti by the way; I'm human!"

As if we couldn't tell. 

The End

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