Lance: And Now The Fun Begins...

 Great, first I get shipped off to a university full of monsters so I won't get beheaded by Lucifer or an archangel, and now I have to deal with seeing my parents as required by the same university. Wonderful, I thought as I rushed to stuff my things in my room, I wonder how long it'll be before they blow up the place...

 I stopped as I finally found my room, it was a nice little place. There was only a single bed space and I threw my gym bag down on it, reveling in the nice thud it made.

 "Well I guess this will be home for a while," I said, sighing as I looked around, "Oh well, better than being chased by wraiths." I walked back out of the room and wandered for a while until I found a door to what looked like a social room. I regretted entering the second I opened the door as I found a spawn of medusa kissing with a saffron in the kitchen area.

 Great so this place is like some stupid teen romance novel now... The girl caught sight of me  and stopped dead right in the middle of it.

 "Uh hi?" I said raising an eyebrow, then suddenly I felt my legs growing hard and looked down to see my body slowly turning to stone. Wow my day's really beginning to suck now, I thought as my entire face became enveloped in stone.

 " Oh my god," She said, pulling away from the saffron as my body slowly turned to flesh again, "I'm so sorry!" I shrugged and looked over at a now rather angry saffron.

 "You know I think I'll just leave you two love birds alone now." I said walking out of the room, heading for the main gymnasium. Of course when I got there my parents were waiting for me, and as usual they looked like they were about to brutally kill each other.

 Mom's jet black hair was flowing down to her shoulders, she wore a white dress and had in blue contacts to hide the grey that hid behind them. Dad  "had his blonde hair slicked back, he too had contacts, these were hazel to hide the blood red slits that hid behind them. He wore a tuxedo and continued to tug on his tie nervously as I walked over, this having been our first meeting in 10 years.

 Mom smiled her teeth beaming  and came over to embrace me in a hug. Dad muttered something and then walked over giving me a pat on the back. Immediately after all the "We've missed you so much," And "Look how tall you are" load of bull they immediatley began to argue.

 And now the fun begins, I thought to myself as I watched, Let's see how long it takes for them to have a knife at each other's throats.  I grabbed a seat at a table and waited for them to realize I was gone. Then to add on top of that, the saffron and medusa spawn came into the gym with a group of their friends, this was going to be a long night.

The End

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