Ivory: Meeting Marti

Ivory slowly made his way to the back of the auditorium. It was bad enough sleeping inside the human dwelling, but he had never, ever, been around so many people as this. And they weren’t even all people. He was the only Unicorn, but all the other Monsters...

Ivory shuddered slightly.

Hearing a door open nearby, Ivory turned and spotted Katie entering with another human.

“That door go outside?” he asked Katie hurriedly. He thought he’d caught a glimpse of sunshine.

“Yup?” she nodded, though her eyes were scanning the crowd about her.

“Thanks,” Ivory remembered his manners before bolting outside.

Tall hedges grew from the grass that looked delicious to Ivory. Gazing about the grounds indicated that no one was around. Still he hid himself from the door, removed his clothing and morphed back into his four legged form.

That felt so much better. Ivory shook himself out and began to contentedly munch on the grass. It had a slightly odd taste to it, but it was better than the weeds outside their living quarters.

“Wait, where’s the guy from the hall that you just spoke to?”

Ivory lifted his head and scented the air. There were two people who’d just come outside. One he could tell was Katie, so it must have been the other who spoke.

“I don’t know,” Katie’s voice confirmed Ivory’s analysis. “He’s kind of shy and keeps to his room a lot.”

Ivory poked his head around a bush. I don’t mean to be, he told Katie and maybe her friend. He wasn’t sure if her friend would be able to hear him. It’s just I seem to make a fool of myself when I do come out of my room, plus I have to study...

Katie laughed and he looked up from grazing, realizing that they’d come around the corner and could see him.

“Holy...” her friend exclaimed, “he’s a Unicorn? Don’t I have to be a virgin or something.”

Ivory laughed as he morphed, which probably wasn’t the best thing to do. Especially as he realized he was now naked.

“Er... um...” he bolted to where his clothing was. “No, that’s just a myth to keep people from trying to hunt us.” He really ought to ask Ben if there was something he could make that would at least cover his privets no mater which form he was in.

“So Marti, that’s Ivory,” Katie said. “and Ivory,’ her voice was a little louder, “this is my cousin Marti.”

The End

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