Katie: Marti

I stared around the open hall. I'd known this place was meant to be massive, but I never even knew this huge room existed. I can feel various pairs of eyes on me and I know its a bad habit, but I've already chewed half my lip to shreds. I can see large double doors on the other side, they look like they might lead outside. Air sounded like such a good idea right now.

“Ack!” the sound escaped my lips as I shielded my eyes from the sunshine. Wow, bright today. I wonder if sunlight bothers Ben. No, I'm not thinking about that jerk. I have enough problems as it is. Finally my eyes are adjusted to the light and...whoa.

It was like a classic hedge maze out here. I knew it was properly a dumb idea but I wanted to explore it. Besides getting lost might be a good thing today. Back in the hall are all the other students and their parents. And at some point he would join them. Why on earth does he want to come in the first place?! His appearance is just going to start a huge riot, I know it, not to mention what the others are going to think of me once they realised I'm related to that huge a*-

“Katie!!!” A high-pitched voice squealed, interrupting my long line of internal cursing. I turned in time to see familiar, long blond hair flailing in the air before being knocked to the ground by the force of her hug.

“Ow...nice to see you too Marti” I said with a small laugh leaving my lips, the nickname spoken without thought.

“Sorry, just missed you a lot” She said, smiling sheepishly. Clearly she didn't mean the sorry, but I didn't mind.

“This place is amazing, you have to show me round. Oh! Have you made friends yet? Oh, wait, have you met a guy?!” She laughed at the last one. Ben popped into my mind unannounced. I shook the thought away but Marti had noticed my expression.

“Oh my, someone seems to be enjoying their university experience” She said with a little knowing grin.

“It's not like that...and I guess it's not been as bad as I expected” I replied, wondering if I could respond to the friends question.

“Wait, if your here that means-” I began

“He's in the car, the security guards wouldn't let him out, aunts talking to your teachers and I am here to keep you company” Marti replied, pulling me into a hug. I felt my body release the biggest breath of relief ever and relaxed into the hug more. We're cousins, but we act more like sisters, heck, more like best friends. I was more than happy to see her after everything that had been happening. I knew I should properly tell her about Ben, but I had no clue where to even begin.

“So...tour and introduce to friends? Now, please” She said, hands rested on her hips, her chestnut eyes highlighted by her lustrous hair and lightly tanned skin, making her look stunning as always.

“I can introduce you to people I know I guess” I replied, walking back towards the hall. Hoping i'd spot one of the room mates soon. Hopefully not Darlton first. Marti is a very sensitive person and there's no way I'm going to let him make her cry.

The End

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