Ben: Someone's Missing

Darlton's idea seemed like something Katie should have in on. I mean if anyone needs to talk about themselves and be understood it's her. It must suck being the only human – especially when one of your room-mates is a vampire I added bitterly. But I had a feeling if I tried to approach her room and ask her to join us she'd shout at me. Ugh, there's no winning here.

And what about what Francis said? Was I only worrying so much about her well-being because...god I'm being a girl letting my thoughts go wild. Why wasn't there an easy way to figure this stuff out. Maybe I should give her time to calm down then just talk to her. Worst thing that happens is she laughs in my face and I avoid her for the rest of my time in university...okay, maybe not the best idea then.

I glance over at Ivory, a small smile is on his lips now. I'm glad he's joining the group more. I'm a bit shocked he doesn't know much about technology but I don't mind explaining it to him. Ivory was the first person she met right? So maybe she won't mind him pulling her out of her room.

“Hey, Ivory” I whispered, not wanting to draw the other attention – which wasn't hard when Victoria was laughing loudly at Darlton's jokes.

“Hi?” he replied uncertainly.

“Why don't you go and see if Katie wants to join us” I suggested, he mulled over it and nodded.

“Sure, but why can't you do it?” he asked, then realisation crossed his face.

“Oh yeah, the" he searched for the right word to use,  "Thing that happened, is she still mad about it?” he asked, his innocent words felt like daggers, damn it.

“Yeah” I replied simply. Ivory opened his mouth to say something then stood up, heading to Katie's door.

The End

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