Dalton: Why So Serious?

"Hey Ivory, you don't have to sit on the floor y'know" Dalton smiled over at Ivory who tilted his head to the side "Hey, budge over Vicky - look, there's space on the sofa and if you don't want to sit next to me then there are a bunch of other seats about..."
Ivory opened his mouth as if to protest but closed it once again as he shook his head slightly at himself and smiling back at Dalton, headed towards the sofa next to the one with Dalton and Victoria on it.

Dalton chuckled, "I see, we're not good enough for you eh?"

"I-I'm sorry" Ivory stammered as he jumped up from where he had just sat down and proceeded to trip over the white-haired kid who had been speaking to Ben and now had his legs stretched out in front of him as he lay back on the ground.

Ivory must have reached his limit. He picked himself back up and ran to his room, tears seeming to form in his eyes but Ben stepped in his way so he was not able to go back to hiding in his room.
"Hey Francis, that's a real stupid place to lie down; that's sort of why we have rooms - if you're tired then go to your room."
A shakey smile returned to Ivory's lips and Dalton leaned back into the sofa, "Oh and Ivory, I was kidding. I totally understand if you don't want to sit next to us - none of us really know each other that well. Don't take me so seriously next time!"

Previous TV programme forgotten and Francis moodily staying on the floor, Ivory returned to the sofa next to the one with Vicky and Dalton and Ben sat beside him.

"I reckon we should try to get to know each other again... since it didn't work so well last time" all eyes fell upon Ben and he looked to the side. Vicky smiled, "but we've still got to know who we're living with right?"

Dalton nodded, "True that. Who wants to start?"

The End

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