Ivory Emerges

Ivory sighed and look up from his studying. University was completely different from home. What he wouldn’t give for some fresh grass and room to run with the wind in his mane. But, he’d promised himself he’d see this through all, um... how many years had he signed up for?

Sighing once more Ivory shut his books and listened to his roommates outside. They didn’t seem like bad people, form the little he’d seen. Maybe he should try to go out and join them. At least, thanks Ben (he didn’t want to think about what Ben was as it made him a little queasy), he had people clothing.

Ivory stood and turned form Unicorn back to fawn form. He’s stopped trying to tell people he was a Unicorn. It was just easier. It seemed even Monsters didn’t realize that yes, Unicorn’s existed. Or at least that they had a human form that could be used.

Once he was dressed in his pants and shirt he peaked out of the door cautiously. Stepping outside he found Ben staring at Katie’s door.

“Er, hi,” Ivory spoke making the vampire jump, which then made him jump.

“Hi,” Ben looked at him. “I haven’t seen you since I gave you the clothing. How is it fitting?”

“Uh, good,” Ivory nodded. “Where is everyone else?”

“Watching TV in the common room, or at least some are.”

He shrugged and the two of them made their way to the common area.

“What’s TV?” Ivory asked innocently.

Everyone’s eyes turned to him and he could tell by their expressions that they felt he ought to have known. The littlest Unicorn was about to bolt back to his room in embarrassment when a roommate he’d not see before pointed to the box with moving pictures on it.

“That’s a TV,” he stated.

“Oh,” Ivory went closer, “what’s it do?” he cocked his head to the side.

“Spew human crap,” Dalton snorted. “Where’s you been living all your life?”

“In a thicket,” Ivory muttered as he plopped down on the floor, near to tears.

He was going to make himself get through this. He was going to make friends, somehow. He wasn’t sure how yet, but he figured you had to start by not staying in your room all the time. So despite his complete embarrassment on not knowing anything, he was going to stay out here.

The End

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