Katie then Ben: Worrying News


I walked in from class and heard his voice. Ugh. I hated that man. Nothing would make me happier than never having to see that greying old man.

Dalton changes the channel and sends a glare my way. It's not my fault he's a jerk I thought, I would've said it to except the subject of Stephen Redding is a little too close to home.

I feel my phone buzzing and walk into the kitchen area to take it. I check the caller ID and see it's my mum. This ought to be interesting.

“Hey mum, what's up?” I ask, hoping she doesn't see how fake the happy is.

“Hello dear, you know that parents evening thing at your university in three days?” I had a feeling I knew what she was going to say.

“Yes” I replied half-heartedly

“Turns out your Father has a big firm dinner then, and he needs me there to support him. But!” She added before I could let out a sigh.

“We got you a replacement. Now I know you've properly been missing your cousin so-”

“No!” I yelled, interrupting her. Dalton and Victoria glanced at me and I gave them a sheepish, apologetic look.

“No mum” I said more quietly, “There is no way he can come here”

“Why not? He wants to know how this university works. And you have missed Martha-”

“No mum, I'm already struggling at it is be the only human. How do you think people will react when they find out about him” I reasoned, causing her to make the usual sigh of disappointment.

“Look, He's already agreed, and Martha is looking forward to seeing you, so that's that! I love you dear, bye” She ended the call before I could utter a protest. I stared around myself trying to figure what to do. I wanted to scream and shout and maybe kick something.

“Hi” I heard Ben say from the corridor entrance. Oh great, like I needed to deal with him too.

“Hi, Bye” I muttered angrily as I walked past him and into my room, slamming my door slightly.


“What did I do this time?” I asked aloud causing  Dalton to shrug and Victoria to  give me a sympathetic look before returning her eyes to the TV.

“Real helpful guys” I muttered, I was more than ready to barge into her room and demand an apology but I ran into a small white-haired boy, Francis I think his name was. He kept his head directed to the floor and mumbled an apology.

“It's okay” I said with a sigh. He's eyes peaked up to look at me for a second before returning to the floor.

“Are you okay?” he asked and I felt a laugh escape my lips.

“I'm fine, just got a girl who won't stop being mad at me for a complete accident” I replied with a clenched jaw.

“Oh” he said, an unsure edge to his voice, “I can't really help in that area. But if your talking about the human girl then don't they tend to like chocolates and stuff like that?” He suggested.

“She isn't my girlfriend” I laughed

“Oh, Sorry. Just the way your acting, gave me the impression she was. My bad” He mumbled before heading to the living room.

I ran a hand through my hair and glanced at her door. No, I was not developing feelings for her I told myself.

The End

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