Dalton: Can We Please Call It A Night?

What I meant was... Never mind."
Ah, what was I thinking?
Victoria had taken her sunglasses off and I hadn't turned to stone! It must have been something to do with emotions, I presumed she was much calmer now than she had been this morning.

Her scream scared the life out of me and I touched her arm instinctively in the hope it would calm her; it surprised me when she stopped screaming - thank goodness though; the newcomer probably would not have liked the stone-treatment.
And now the hooded figure was rushing down the corridor and silence came over Victoria and I.

"Latecomer," I spoke purely to stop the silence. It was uncomfortable sitting in silence with her and the forgotten words I had said only a few moments before. Well, forgotten by her perhaps.
I sighed as she stayed quiet and flinched slightly as I realised I was still holding her arm,
"I think we should call it a night," I stammered before letting go of her arm and standing with her as she nodded and agreed.

Her hair hissed once again; softly and sweetly as if whispering something to her or me perhaps. As I did not speak snake I figured it would have been to Victoria... If it was a whisper at all... I made a mental note to stop thinking so hard about her hair.
I could see her well in this light, as a Saffron I can take the sunlight left in the air and use it to my advantage so as to see even in the darkest of times. Considering her hair was made of snakes, they really suited her. Which she probably wouldn't take as a compliment so I would not dare to mention it... only it was true.
This was the first time I had really seen her eyes. They were golden... so similar to my own that she could be a Saffron herself.

I reached forward to touch her hand again but forgot she was unaware of my placement; she jumped back in surprise and her eyes widened as I felt himself go stiff for the second time today and heard a scream escape her lips. It was only then did I realise that when the hooded boy had frightened her she had closed her eyes...

Her face flashed crimson and she darted away; either unknowing to my current issue or too embarrassed to do or say anything.

I sighed inwardly; this was going to be a really interesting relationship if she just continually turned me to stone.

The End

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