Victoria: Newcomer

Everyone was gone to bed now, except for me and Dalton. The living area was quiet and reeked of greasy pizza boxes.

"So, that went well," said Dalton, kicking one of the boxes aside so that he could prop his feet up on the low coffee table.

"It really did," I said, chewing my lip and thinking about the fact that there was a vampire in our dorm. Did that mean I was no longer the most dangerous of the roommates? The thought both comforted and scared me.

"Today was fun," Dalton suddenly remarked.

I smiled. "I had a good first day too. The University is just as I imagined it. And my Art Appreciation teacher, Mr. Taur, he really -"

"Victoria," he laughed in the semi darkness. I couldn't tell the colour of his hair, nor could I see the whites of his eyes. Maybe it would be okay if I took my sunglasses off now.

I slid them off silently.

"What I meant was..." He trailed off. "Never mind." He looked up, and I'm pretty sure he met my eyes. I was sure my heart was right there in my mouth, laying heavily on my tongue.

The door of the dorm opened.

We both looked over to see a shadowed figure wearing a hood very far over his face, standing in the doorway.

I let out a short scream, before Dalton gripped my arm comfortingly.

"I'm sorry," the newcomer murmured, closing the door. "I'm... sorry."

He rushed down the corridor, out of our sight. I guess the sight of the two of us alone, on the couch, in the dark, gave him a pretty strong message. My face was so hot...

"Latecomer," said Dalton.

I looked at his hand which was on my arm. I licked my lips and wondered what I should say. Damn, I had no idea.

"I think we should call it a night," he said.

I nodded instintively. "Yeah, we should."

The End

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