Katie: Try and be Nice!

My first class of the day had been pretty simple, except I had one of those teachers who liked to have all their students introduce themselves to the class with one unique thing. Guess what mine was – I'm human. Safe to say not many people in my screen-writing class wanted to get to know me. But that's fine, guess i'll definitely get my A's here unlike sixth form. I decided I would be nice and give everyone in the dorm a free slate, afterall, they were as shocked by me as I was them.

Of course I regretted the “try and be nice” decision the moment I walked through the door to see Ben splayed out on the sofa. I let out a inner sigh and put my bag in my room.

Try and be nice, try and be nice!

I thought as I approached Ben.

“So....good first day?” I asked, leaning against the wall behind the sofa.

“I guess, class was what I expected it to be, you?” He asked. Oh-kay, what happened to jerk face? Out of no where he's polite?

“Are you ill?” I asked, leaning over the back of the sofa so my head was next to his. He jerked away and sent me a glare.

“No, Monsters don't get ill. You'd know that if you had a brain” He said.

“There we go” I said, relieved.

“What?” He asked, clearly confused.

“Nothing, I was just weirded out by you being nice to me, but your back to normal so everything's fine” I said, shrugging my shoulder and heading into the kitchen.

“Your the weird one, you want me to be mean to you” He stated

I opened the fridge and I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it was empty. I think we need to start assigning chores and keeping back money for food.

“Nothing to eat, Want to order some take-out?” I asked, not even bothering to reply to what he said. It wasn't something I could really reply to without looking silly. I just prefer people to be open and honest about stuff.

“You realise this University has a cafeteria” Ben said

“You realise if I go down there I'm basically a walking freak show” I replied, no response. Guess a victory to me? Shame it doesn't feel great.

Ivory clattered in, struggling to hold a pile of huge books. Unsurprisingly a few fell off. Ben quickly grabbed them and helped Ivory to his room. Oh, so he's nice to other monsters I thought. Though admittedly I would've helped if it hadn't been for the fact that I'd drop the books too.

Ivory came back to the living area looking unsure of himself. Guess unicorns didn't pack for human form I thought, trying not to stare at the loincloth.

“Here” Ben said, handing Ivory a pile of cloths. They looked handmade. I raised a eyebrow at Ben but said nothing. Ivory muttered a thank you and ran off to his room.

“So you make cloths now” I asked, trying really hard not to tease him, though I had a feeling I was failing.

“If you must know my course is fashion” He replied, I tried so, so hard not to laugh but a giggle escaped.

“Opps” I said when I saw his face. Wow, he must have had a lot of people make fun of him for this if that was his reaction.

“Everyone has a hobby, its not fair that they get judged for it” Ben said before heading to his room. Damn it, he didn't apologise for being mean to me, so why do I want to apologise to him now, stupid conscience.

The End

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