Ivory: Tombs of Embarassment

Ivory found Dr. Wan intimidating. The centaur had stared at the board while the class settled themselves down. While Ivory waited, he took out his textbook and started reading. At last, the class fell silent and their Biology professor turned around. He looked twice the littlest unicorn’s height.

Clopping over he stood and looked down at Ivory.

“What is that?”

“Th, the text book I was told to get for this class...” Ivory managed to squeak out.

The centaur stared at him for a moment. Swallowing Ivory closed the book and tried to look attentive.

Dr. Wan picked the book up. “Does anyone else have this book?”

To Ivory’s relief a few hands hesitantly raised. Then he jumped as the professor slammed the book down on the desk.

“It’s crap, not even worth selling back, it was written for humans by humans,” Dr. Wan growled.

They all watched as he went back to his desk to a stack of papers. Turning back to the class, he handed them out.

“You get these books and a copy of my notes. THAT is what you will study and you better have the first chapters in each read by next class.”

Dr. Wan looked meaningfully at each pupil.

“You are dismissed.”

He looked down at Ivory who was gathering up your stuff. “Your kind,” he scoffed, “may be gifted in healing, but that won’t help you pass a written test.”

Ivory quickly left and looked at the list. Fifteen tombs he’d have to buy form the campus store. At least, he’d been given a scholarship to go here. He didn’t know who, but it covered all his books. Ivory was glad of that when he saw the total. He didn’t know if 500 really was a lot of money but it sure sounded like it was.

Looking at some of the Monster U merchandise, he wondered if his scholarship would cover clothing. He really did need to talk to one of the other guys. He was scared too. After all, they were so much bigger than him that even if they did lend him clothing, it wouldn’t fit. One of their shirts would be a dress and he heard males hadn’t worn dresses in ages.

Absorbed in his thoughts Ivory tripped over a crack in the sidewalk. The books he’d been carrying went everywhere. Two monsters snorted as they passed him by.

“Oh look, it’s an albino fawn,” the boy snickered.

“In a loin cloth,” the girl giggled.

“I’m a unicorn,” Ivory grumbled to himself as he began picking up his books. “And I need to find better clothing somehow,” he sighed.

The End

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