Victoria: Opinionated

The library was empty - aside from myself, Dalton and the goblin librarian, that is. I guess no one was interested in going to the library this early into the year. Everyone was too busy settling in and probably didn't have as much conflict going on in their dorms as we did.

I strolled and tapped my fingers along the spines of various books, until I reached Humans: A World of Art. The title seemed promising, I reckoned, ignoring the protesting wriggling of my snakes as the word entered my thoughts.

I pulled it out of the shelf and returned to the couch, where Dalton was thumbing listlessly through a geography textbook, his hair glistening.

"Good thing I've got my sunglasses on, or I'd be blind by now," I joked, sitting next to him. Secretly I thought of how beautiful the shimmering colour looked. Too bad I had nothing to counteract it with but a head of snakes.

"That must be awkward, having to wear them the whole time." He frowned.

I shrugged. "Better than the risk of the alternative."

He blinked. "Risk? You mean, you only might turn someone to stone?"

"Yeah." I fidgeted with the book in my lap. "Through the generations, the statue effect weakened. I'm the first of my kind to enter the mainstream, and I've been homeschooled up until now. We haven't much experience amongst others. I can't be sure I can properly control my... ability."

He paused for a moment, his eyes falling on the cover of my book. Disgust came over his expression.

"Humans. What a waste of a tree, producing a book about humans. Probably all lies too."

Despite the sincere note of hatred in his voice, I wouldn't help but grin at his almost childish rambling. Dalton was certainly opinionated.

"You know, they aren't evil," I said simply. "It wasn't exactly Katie who turned you to stone when you first met her."

He narrowed his eyes at me, annoyed that I'd made a good point.

"Okay then. Open that book on a random page, and read out something good that humans have contributed to the world of art."

I slid a finger between the pages and flipped it open. The heading of the page read: Chapter Four: Humans and the Media.

Dalton scoffed. "Oh, hear we go! Humans in the media. Like they aren't biased."

I felt a mixture of curiosity at what he meant and disappointment that I'd failed to make my point. Before I could ask anything or defend myself, Dalton asked if I wanted to go for something to eat. Someone had a short attention span this evening. Still, no one had ever asked me anything like that before, and all I could do was smile and say yes.

I checked the book out, intending to look more into the mysterious "bias" Dalton spoke of.

"So what are we eating?" I asked as we left the library.

The End

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