Dalton: Victoria; A Good Weird.

"Okay, class dismissed."
I stood up and wandered out the classroom; I hadn't understood a thing in that class.
Mrs Fell looked at me hopefully with her swimming, silver eyes and I looked towards the ground quickly. Geography was just not my thing.

I kept my head down looking towards the ground as I walked and heard a quiet hissing pass me by on the way to the library and so changed my course; I figured I may as well try to make a friend around here considering so far I had managed to have a go at a human and be turned to stone by the girl I was now following. I'd made a really good start.
The hissing was getting louder now, probably because she was being followed and the snakes were trying to warn her of danger or something; I'd never really understood the Medusas.

All of a sudden she spun around and a mismatch of books and papers flew everywhere - I do not think I had taken into account how close to her I was so her little spinning act sent all of my things on the floor and her surprise sent her backwards and all of her stuff was thrown onto the floor as well!
At least she kept her glasses on this time... 
She stared at me with a bemused look on her face and I started to giggle nervously "ah, sorry... I probably should have said something."
At that she began to laugh  and before I really knew what was going on I was laughing along with her; a Medusa like being with a head of vaguely hissing snakes and a grey-haired Saffron, standing in a hallway surrounded by books and papers, laughing hysterically and getting some very strange looks.

I calmed down a little and  smiled at her as my hair started to change back to a golden colour; smiling  even more as her eyes widened in surprise at the colour change. I suppose she knows as little about Saffrons as I do about... whatever she is.
"How did it do that?!" She demanded, grinning as she waited for a response and then, as if reading my mind, noticed the finger of sunshine pointing through the crack in the curtains. "You're a Saffron! Weren't Saffrons the ones who came up with sun-dials and figured out how time works?"
I could have hugged her in that moment.
"We were! Ha, I can't believe you know that... barely anybody does these days." My voice disappeared as I reached the last words of my sentence and my gaze drifted off to the side as I thought about the human once again.

Snapping out of it, I asked Victoria if I could join her in the library where she'd seemed to have been headed and she agreed so long as I tried to avoid making her jump again "or I'll turn you to stone again!" she had said with a wacky smile.

After collecting our messes together we continued the journey to the library and I thought to myself about how weird this friendship seemed to be...

A good weird though.

The End

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