Victoria: Mr. Taur

Mr. Taur finished the lesson by mentioning the Mona Lisa as a great example of sfumato, perspective and use of colour. His head was abnormally large for his body. It was also that of a ferocious-looking bull - large curling horns and all.

His voice, however, was soft and velvety as that of a loveable grandfather as he added; "And of course, we all know from what species the great Mona Lisa was born by."

Human, I thought. But the class was already bustling towards the exit. I stood up, clutching my textbook and my sketchpad to my chest. I was ignored of course. Nobody spoke to the quiet girl with the sunglasses.

I pushed my way up to the top of the room, pushing against the crowd. I reached Mr. Taur just as he scooped up his folder and started to walk away from the podium.

"Excuse me, sir."

He looked at me, surprise in his big bovine eyes. "Yes?"

"Sir, you mentioned the Mona Lisa at the end. I was wondering if..." What was I wondering? My snakes shivered nervously under my hood as he stroked his horns and eyeballed me. "What other human art is there that's worth looking at?"

"Ah. I see genuine interest in you. What's your name?"

I told him; "Victoria Meduse."

"Well, Victoria, the humans have quite a slant on art. In my book, anything made by a human is definitely worth taking a look at."

I thanked him. As I left the Art building, I saw someone I recognized striding away, head down. I frowned and stared after them. Interesting...

And I headed toward the university library to do some research.

The End

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