Ben: Serious stuff

I listened as everyone eventually headed to their small rooms to sleep. Then quietly escaped our dorm room. I know we had agreed not to risk everyone knowing who and what I was. But if she thought I wasn't going to question her letting a human in this university she was an idiot.

I sneaked through the empty corridors and across the fields to the main building. Then it was climbing grand staircase after grand staircase to reach the top floor. Up here there was only one door to go through. And I was pretty sure she was awake. I opened the door and stepped in.

“Benjamin, it's against the rules to go out after hours” she muttered, her back to me as she read a piece of paper.

“Hello grandmother” I replied stiffly. She picked up on it and raised an eye at me.

“Oh, stop being so stoic Benny-boy. What's wrong? I thought you didn't want to raise suspicions with visiting me” She said, putting the piece of paper on her huge dark oak desk and sitting down.

“Actually that was what you wanted. You said yourself that you had made a few enemy’s in your time and that they might choose to get payback through me” I replied dryly, leaning against the wall near the door. She let out a long, tired sigh.

“When did you become so serious? You used to be the happiest little boy, what happened?” I held back a groan.

“It's called growing up” I replied

“Hmph, well why don't you say whatever is bothering you already? I am rather tired” she said. Claudia Stella did not tire easily. It was either an excuse or something big was going on.

“I want to know why there's a human here, and why she just happens to be in the same dorm as me” I said, approaching the desk and placing both hands flat on it's smooth surface.

“I accepted the human into this establishment because it's a step forward. Now you may not care about getting on with the human race, but I do. The government has already given that cursed Hunter's Guild too much control. If something doesn't change fast then they will properly get permission to wipe us out altogether” She let out another sigh when she finished speaking.

“And she is in your dorm because you need to learn how to be around humans. This isn't some kind of punishment I'm throwing at you Benjamin. You need to be able to be around them. Your mother made a point of raising you nowhere near humans and – weather she admits it or not – it has disadvantaged you somewhat” I rolled my eyes. Not at my grandmother, at the thought of my mother. She never really been quite right in the head. And my dad was too busy trying to prevent his firm from collapsing after the world found out him, it's owner was a vampire. My older sister was busy touring the world and not caring about anyone.

“So what, I'm supposed to force myself to like the human girl?” I said, not that I especially disliked her.

“Well if a few make the effort to befriend her, others will follow. If she runs back home and claims this was a bad experience, super naturals lose more creditability” She said.

“The short answer was yes” I replied then letting out a long breath, “Fine, but this means you can't try to set me up on anymore stupid blind dates” I said as I headed towards the door.

“Aww, that's no fun” she muttered with a small laugh. Why did that laugh give me goosebumps. Grandmother was always planning things. I just hoped I wasn't too involved in them. I waved my goodnight and returned to the dorm just as dawn broke out. If I were a turned vampire I'd be flinching at the sunlight. But I'm a born vampire, we don't burn into ashes from the sun, we just get a bad case of sunburn. I could hear the sounds of waking up next door. The human, Katie was her name. Looks like university was going to be more interesting than I thought...

The End

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