Katie: Well-!

I heard Victoria move away from my door and told myself not to feel guilty for the short and sharp answer I had given her.

“Jeez, you didn't have to go philosophical on us” I heard Ben mutter from outside my door.

“Well maybe you shouldn't be a jerk” I replied loudly

“Well, maybe you shouldn't be human” he muttered

“Well, maybe you shouldn't be so prejudice” I said, throwing my pillow onto the bed as I stood up and faced the closed door.

“Well, maybe you shouldn't have applied to be in a university full of monsters” he said, throwing my door open and glaring at me.

“Well-!” I stumbled for what to say and made his glare look like something pathetic when he started to laugh at my stuttering.

“Maybe you shouldn't be a jerk!” I repeated.

I attempted to shove him out of my room but the damn guy was too strong. This of course made him laugh more.

“I've decided this might actually be a good year, your fun to annoy little human” he said, grabbing both my arms so I couldn't push him anymore.

“Your still a jerk” I said, “Now get out of my room” I demanded, escaping his grip.

“I think you missed out a word in that sentence” he said. I rolled my eyes.

“Get out of my room, please” I said.

“Fine, but just so you know – you weren't very specific on what you meant by the term “bother”” He closed the door before I could ask him what he meant. Not that I cared. He was really beginning to annoy me.

“Little human my butt, he tries to push my buttons I'll....do something back” I muttered as I sat my desk. Could I hear laughter in the next room? Great, he had amazing hearing.

I heard the sound of a door opening and hoped it wasn't Ben again. I opened my own door just to be sure.

“Hi” he said nervously. I tried not to react to his barely covered state. His tail swishing furiously from side to side as he spoke

“Hey....you look familiar” I said as i motioned to the tail. His face turned red as he grabbed it to keep it still.

“I saw you earlier, but a fuzzywuzz kind of stole your attention” he replied with a weak laugh as he took everything in.

“Wait....you were the unicorn?” I asked

“Yup” he said

“Erm, maybe you should go ask Dalton or Ben if they can lend you some cloths” I suggested.

“Good idea, thanks, I'm Ivory by the way” he said as he walked past me.

“Katie” I replied, returning to my own room. After pacing for a while wondering what to do I pulled out a book I was meant to have read for my English course. I had already read them all three or four times but I figured I had nothing else to do.  

The End

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