Victoria: What just happened here?

Wow, what just happened here..?

I'd slinked away to the corner of the room and observed as the naked guy had entered and legged it to his room.

I said nothing as the guy I had turned to stone and the human continued arguing. The tall guy I had bumped into wandered off to his room again.

Finally Katie stormed to her room also.

The grey-haired guy half-glanced at me. I must have seemed pretty distant, standing there wearing my sunglasses, saying nothing. Better speak up. But what to say?

"Victoria, right?" he said.

That threw me. "Uh, yeah."


"Hey." My words came a little easier now. "I'm... so sorry about... you know."

He raised an eyebrown, though I think a slight grin tugged at his mouth. "Turning me into a statue?"

"Yeah, that," I burst out. "I didn't know what I was doing. You and the girl, I wasn't really ready, and then I panicked, and I -"

"Hey, no permanent harm done," he shrugged.

We'll see. I smiled and slipped past him, intending to return to my room and wallow in my own shame. I slowed by the human's door. Katie, I read. My snakes shivered as she entered my thoughts. I felt Dalton watching me as I knocked quietly.

"Hey... Katie?" I said as gently as I could. "You okay?"

A brief pause. Then a short reply; "Fine."

I glanced over my shoulder at Dalton. He shrugged.

"Not my fault she's a human."


The End

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