Katie: Telling It How It Is

I had to hold back the urge to open my mouth as I took in the flustered girl behind me and the newly-turned-to-stone guy in front of me. I wasn't a fool, I knew he didn't like me. So even if it was an accident, a small part of me was glad to see him this way.

It did occur to me that I should be worried that there's a girl that can turn people to stone. But I think by now my mind has prepared itself for anything.

Like say, a naked boy with a tail, mane and hooves for feet?

"Is there anything in this room for cover?" he asked,  "Oh boy I'm so unprepared!" he added before racing into one of the rooms. Talk about a weird first day?

“Did I see, what I think I just saw?” oh, damn. He wasn't stone anymore. Though I did find his expression of confusion rather amusing.

“To answer your interrupted question” I said, distracting him from the door the naked boy ran into,

“Yes, I am aware this isn't a university for humans, but last I checked you guys were trying to stop segregation. So why do you mind so much?” I asked, not really caring what his answer was. He studied me for a few seconds and opened his mouth to speak.

“Humans. Pfft, why are you so full of yourselves?” Mr rude interrupted. Wow, Dalton wasn't getting a word in today. And this guy was really beginning to get on my nerves.

“I'm sorry, are you judging me based on the acts of an entire race? Because last I checked everyone is different” That got everyone's attention.

“Maybe you guys should think about that before you look at me with those irritating, discriminative eyes” I finished before storming off to my room. I sank to my bed and hugged one of the pillows to me. God I really, really wish I could get out of here.

The End

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