Dalton: First Impressions May Be Tough But Seriously?

"Yeah Dalton. Names on the doors?" She seemed to relax a little at my response. I was short and sharp but I guess she didn't notice. As her smile started to soften to something natural I felt my face contort slightly at the realisation that every little detail of the speaking face in front of me made my skin crawl. Why is she even here? She is a human. Humans do not belong here?!
"Yeah, there are two missing though-"
"You are a human." She cocked her head to one side slightly in a curious manner and then frowned. I kept my voice level though I wanted to scream. I removed my coat as I questioned her, "Why are you here?"
"It's a-"

 A girl who had previously gone unnoticed by both myself and the Human, now much closer to me than I was comfortable with, gasped violently while throwing something behind her; a snake? How strange..

Everything was suddenly going far too quickly. The girl stepped backwards into the boy who had been upsetting the Human, her impressive sun-glasses (which were actually rather ridiculous considering my hair colour) flung off of her face and I felt my skin begin to turn very hard. Almost like I was turning to.. stone?

I hate meeting new people. 

The End

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