Victoria: Decor

It was the voices of the serpeants that woke me, rather than the voices from outside my room. Hisssss... human...

I jolted upright, clutching the bedclothes. I hadn't meant to fall asleep. I stood up and stretched my arms. My snakes extended from my skull, twirling in all directions.

I caught sight of my reflection in a small mirror across my room - a girl with glistening black snakes for hair, and giant eyes that glowed with an orange hue. I grabbed my sunglasses from the locker and put them on.

New roommates, Victoria. What a great first impression that would be, I reckoned. Adding a pretty new statue to the decor.

I tucked the eleven curious snakes away under my hood. And reached for the door.


I tentatively rounded the corner into the living area. The human was there. My snakes hissed her presence to my thoughts. She was talking to a tall guy with grey hair. Interesting, I thought. They seemed to simply be introducing themselves. The grey-haired boy was removing his coat mid-conversation.

I felt a snake try to push its head through my hood to get a glimpse. I gasped loudly and whipped it back, now catching the attention of the others. They whipped their heads around, and in a moment of uncertainty, I took a step back.

Slam. My back hit something - another person. Tall. My sunglasses clattered to the floor in front of me.

And before I could even react, the boy next to the human was solidified from head-to-toe, his body and clothes now as grey as his hair had been. All except the coat that dangled from his stone hand.

Shaking, I retrieved my sunglasses. The guy I'd crashed into and the human, who looked as though she'd seen a ghost, were staring at me in horror.

And all I could think of to say was - "Hi, I'm Victoria."

The End

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