Dalton: Disgusting Humans.

I stared at my hair in the mirror as it shimmered and faded to grey, damn clouds.
I'd just watched as a rather tall boy had wandered into what was to be my room. He looked pretty up-himself to be honest. God, I hate guys like that. 
Ugh, no time like the present I suppose.

Lowering myself to around an 'average' height - since I knew there was no way I would be taller than that guy who had just walked in - I wandered into room thirteen and frowned as I'd always been a little superstitious.
"Does it bother you that I'm human?" Oh God, a human?
"Yes, actually, it does. Though you being a pain is bothering me more" A human and an ass? Fan-tas-tic.

I'd always hated humans. What did they bring to the World? We can see the beauty created by the Fairies. And all of us 'monsters' as they call us, we bring something to the table. But what have the humans ever done? Stolen our ideas? Claimed all our work for their own?
The inhabitants of this world really believed that the humans had a higher understanding of the sun than we Saffrons. We who live with our souls tied to the sun? So yes, I am sure it is a likely story that humans were the ones who created the concept of time by the sun and heaven knows what else they stole. They are evil. They lie and cheat and I will never feel any sort of tenderness towards any of them. 

I hissed and stared up at the closed door as the handle turned and the small, human, grey eyed girl opened the door curiously.
"Hi, I'm Katie." She forced a smile, guess the ass really had an effect on her. "Are you Dalton?"
I hate her already. Disgusting.

The End

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