In for a good spooking

"It's okay Spooky, there are plenty of other girls" my dear friend soothed, tapping my fur with his wing. Harpies could be so simple and naive sometimes.

"Don't you see, she's the 173rd to think I'm cute and nothing more" I wiped the cobwebs that had flooding out of my eyes away and sighed. What girl would want me? I cry cobwebs for goodness sake. The only thing thats not cute about me is downright spooky. I'm spooky and fuzzy, the perfect girl repeller.

My little heart fluttered when I saw my new room mates. The elder monsters had graduated and the newbies had taken their places. Usually there would be a wave of hazing and brutality. I had never partaken in such acts of savagery...just had them inflicted upon me.

"Spooky, right?" her angelic voice hovered towards me like a siren's song. Maybe she was a siren. That's why I adored her so...silly me. "It looks like where room mates"

"Y-Yeah it does" I mummered lost in her bewitching eyes. She walked away with elegance and beauty. All I could do was murmur and long for her to feel the same way. There's no harm in dreaming.

The End

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