Katie: Room 13

After orientation I moved through the corridors quickly and with my head down, I didn't have my first class until tomorrow so I headed to my dorm room, where I'd be stuck with seven other random monster who may or may not dislike me. I walked across the open grass area and entered the dorms. I entered dorm thirteen – oh, I felt so lucky – and found it led into a big, open plan living and kitchen space. I found two bathrooms and eight small rooms all with a name on them. I quickly found mine and dumped my stuff on the small single bed. I sat at the chair in front of the desk for a few seconds, trying to decided what to do. Then with a deep breath I stood up, deciding to learn the names of those I'd b staying with for the next long three years or so,– although some of the dorms mixed up different people from different years - so who knows how long these people will be here, next year I may get an entirely new set of people, but let's hope things don't get that complicated.

I walked down the small corridor that branched off of the living space and read the doors,

Ivory Blond, Spooky McFuzz, Dalton Triad, Victoria Meduse and -

“Ben Stella” a voice said from behind me, I whipped round to see a guy who most certainly towered over me.

“That would be my room if you don't mind getting out of the way” he said, not even hiding the annoyance in his voice. Rude I thought as I stepped aside.

“I heard rumours we had a human, I didn't believe them though” I heard him say from the room.

I hesitated before asking him what I pretty much wanted to ask everyone.

“Does it bother you?” he emerged from his room and didn't answer me, he really was rude.

“well?” I said, following him into the living area,

“Well what?” he said, flopping onto the small sofa and still not glancing my way. He reached for the remote but I grabbed it so he had no choice but to look at me, or rather glare I guess.

“Does it bother you that I'm human?” I asked, purposely pulling out each word to mock him.

“Yes, actually, it does. Though you being a pain is bothering me more” he said, snatching the remote.

“Oh” I said, not really sure what to do from here. Then I walked back to my room and waited for the others to arrive, noting that the other two doors had no name listed, did that mean we would have latecomers here?

I decided I didn't care anymore, I just wanted to collapse on my bed and ignore everything.

It suddenly occurred to me I had no idea what that guy was, I mean with the pretty unicorn and the short, cute, fuzzy guy It was kind of self-explanatory. But him, I had no idea.  

The End

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