Victoria: Human?

I was barely aware of my own presence in that room. Let alone that of the girl. All that occupied my mind was the stream of heavy metal beats that the in-ear plugs fed into my brain.

It wasn't until I felt a stirring under my hood that I realized something was strange. I gingerly raised a hand and touched my head. The snakes were going crazy! Their thoughts tried to whisper something into mine, but my music was blocking them out.

I continued to ignore their hyperactivity until I realize that everybody around me was whispering. I frowned and whipped out my earplugs.

Hisssss... Human... The snakes whispered into my head.

Human? No. Couldn't be. This was UoM. No humans here... Be quiet, I told the bothersome snakes.

I cautiously followed the stares of the other students, finding a timid-looking girl sitting alone in the back corner. I had to squint to see her through my dark black glasses, but as soon as my eyes fell on her, my snakes danced excitedly

I sank back into my seat and spent whatever time remained before the start of the lesson trying to get the damn things to settle down. However, they continued pushing against the inside of my hood, eager to get a glimpse at the human.

The End

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