Katie: Orientation

I had never expected to meet such cute creatures. I guess I shouldn't make assumptions based on one word, or the media.

I had to admit I was a bit shocked when the unicorn spoke directly to my mind. But before I could react to that shock I met Spooky. Thinking back my reaction properly wasn't the best. I might have hurt his pride a little with the cooing. I wondered where the unicorn had run off to.

“Hi, my name's Katie” I said, standing up, embarrassed by my own silly reactions.

“And yes, I'm..normal, human....” I trailed off, wondering how he would react. But before anyone could say or do anything the bell rang. So I mumbled a “Bye, nice to meet you” and headed inside for my first lesson. The first thing I noticed when I walked in the class was that almost everyone turned to look at me. I sat down in the empty corner and waited for the teacher to arrive. I watched various different beings walk into the classroom, every single one of them noticing my presence.

This was the orientation before we all got sent to the rooms we'd be staying in for the rest of the year save, summer and winter holidays. The rooming system here was a seven/eight single rooms all connecting to a living room and kitchen. So seven random monsters would be there. I hoped they at least wouldn't give me too much of a hard time

The End

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