Fuzz with a bit of Wuzz

Back again for another year. This year was going to be different. No cutey pie or adorable monster. This year I was going to be scary, heroic and most of all attractive. All my brothers had found mates by the time they were seven, some even six; but I was here a lonely 8 year-old virgin. Stupid biology making me need a mate. I have more important things to do; like pass university and earn my degree. But I couldn't help but long for companionship and a mate.

I was looking down at me small hands and feet (too small I might add) when I bumped into her. The most beautiful monster I had ever laid eyes on. Her fur was restricted to just the head and left her porcelain face free to present its beauty. She was being inspected by some other monster, a morpher of some sort.

"You seem...Normal" the morpher gasped. My jaw dropped down revealing a set of small lumpy fangs that stood behind their large square generals. A normal? Not a monster? How could this be?

"Um, thankyou...I guess!" she replied, her face changing colour. So she wasn't normal. She could make her cheeks change colour: to red. This was my moment, my time. I mimicked a unicorn noise and the morpher galloped away, revealing his true form in the process.

"Hello there" I smiled trying to sound cool and casual "I'm Spooky McFuzz, nice to meet you"

"Oh my" she cooed, stroking my chin "you are just adorable!" Yet another female to add to the list of failure.


The End

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