Katie, meet Ivory

Ivory slowed down his pace as he neared the University. It was huge and imposing as all human structures seemed to him. He was still fascinated by the creatures. Nothing the elders ever said or ever did had made him any less curious about them.

Shaking his pure white mane Ivory stopped and scented the air. The place just about reeked of all sorts of powers. There were strange fuzzy things and odd lumbering monsters meandering about.

Well it’d probably called Monster University for a reason right? Ivory sniffed again and continued forward.

He pranced about a bit, debating on what form to use when he spotted a human girl who looked as lost as he sometimes felt.

Hello, he sniffed at her slightly,You seem, Ivory cocked his head slightly and turned it to look at her with one of his bright blue eyes, normal...



[Author Note: Italics indicate Ivory’s thought speech, which can be heard only by the good at heart, be they magical or not.]

The End

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