University of Monsters

Pretty simple story-line, human attends a university consisting entirely of monsters, have fun making characters :D

University Of Monsters


I'm such an idiot.

When my friends dared me to list this university as my second choice after Cambridge – the place I'd dreamed about all my life.

I never expected to mess up and miss my needed grade by one silly, little mark. And now I'm rejected from Cambridge. And this is my second choice. A university owned and run by the “Super Naturals” of this world – as their called in the media. This is the only university that will accept super naturals, since even after five years of knowing they exist, the government still hasn't put in any laws about them, except that the Hunter's Guild can attack the super naturals if they deem it necessary.

My name is Katie Ronda, I'm eighteen years old with long brown hair and grey eyes.

And I'm the only human to ever attend “The University of Monsters”.

Guess whoever owns and runs this place has a pretty twisted sense of humour...

The fact that they accepted me though, that just makes me all the more scared.

The End

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