Vaal stepped out into the sun, stretching as he did so. It was good to have the wind on his face again and not being cooped up by the over-protective Doctor Nazel. The man himself was standing on the quarter deck, his long black coat flapping in the breeze, effectively disguising his jet black hair as it mimicked the coat like it was a mirror.
His favorite thing about being free was that he could see the world again. Standing on an air ship made you feel like you were on top of the world. Technically, you were. Up here you could see for miles. You could see from the Great Sea to Sky Pillar from the crow's nest.
Vaal walked over to the navigator who was drumming his fingers on the table next to the giant Compass that also doubled up as a clock. It was called a Chrononav and was used not only to determine direction but also the time in which you are headed. Unistasis had a habit of tranferring those who lost their way to another time by accident.
"Mister Minchin!" Vaal called smartly, kicking the table upon which he was sitting. Mister Minchin looked round to see Vaal standing there. He got up, tried to salute and promtly whacked himself on the head with the telescope he was holding.
"Yes Captain?" He asked, rubbing his head and grumbling slightly. Vaal stifled a snicker and tried to remain upright as the shivers of mirth took over him.
"If you would be so kind, I would like to set course for the Crial Ruins just off Sky Pillar." Vaal ordered, keeping his voice only just under authority. Sky Pillar was a huge mountain easily a thousand leagues up from sea level. It was a massive city within that welcomed all sky ships whether they were Sky Pirates or Air Marshals. Those two had been at war for centuries and it was only because of differring beliefs. Vaal thought it was coswhollap and refused to fight them simply because they were Sky Pirates.
He turned to look through Mister Minchin's telescope which he'd thrown down in a tantrum. As he lifted it to his eye, he saw the ruins of Crial. It was smoking slightly but the smoke was cloying and thick so one could not see one's own hand when in it was in that smoke.
Crial had been smoking for centuries. No doubt about it because whenever someone tried to put water on the burned city, it suddenly became infested with horrible ghosts each sporting disfiguring wounds. Many men went mad and jumped off a cliff because of this. Mister Minchin was full of those kinds of stories. When Vaal was a child and his father had been captain, he sit next to the navigation desk and listen to the tales of The Falling, This was when a man, hideous and cruel, rose up against humanity and killed several thousand with his damned army of demons and ghosts and some other hideous creature that had no name. Vaal shuddered at the thought. That was Terron's history. Terron was one of the ten planets circling a double star. Two suns and one moon. Not enough light to vanquish the evil of one man? Pathetic.

The End

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