"It appears as though the Universe has opened again sir..." Said Nazel
"It has." Replied Smirk.
"How do you know for sure?"
"Because I'm the one that did it." Smirk grinned.

Unistasis...a universe much like our own. In fact, Unistasis is our world, in a manner of speaking. Unistasis exists fused with our universe. A little pocket of time hiding a terrible secret. But what happens once that secret gets out?

Valient Drakoulis, a young air marshal decides to check out the ancient ruins near sky pillar. And what he discovers will change his life forever...

Life of a Sailor

Valiant lay on his bunk, watching the ceiling as the sound of the two huge engines sliced their way through the air. Valiant hated his name really and much preferred Vaal because it was easier to remember and it didn't make him sound like a dork. And he was an Air Marshal now. He had to protect the skies from Sky Pirates and other such nasty stuff. He liked his job, but it was a hazardous one to say the least: his side was already nicked by a cutlass not so long ago and he was now bandaged up so tightly that he could barely move his arms let alone get up. Dr. Nazel had fixed him up right.

Not long after Valiant's internal rant about how bitterly unfair it was that he got no money because he was injured, he looked over at his coat hanging on the door. It was actually a red waistcoat with gold trim. The sign of an officer. He was only fifteen but he'd been promoted because he saved the entire crew's life by stopping a shoal of Eel- parrots. He used their own electric charge and poison against them. Brilliant in his opinion. He was regaining movement in his legs after a while and wiggled his toes thankfully: that healing potion the good Doctor had given him had fixed up his nerves like a charm. Too bad that he'd lost a good two pints of blood in the battle (Thanks to the red coat disguising it.) and so had to sit there for two days while his body fixed him up with some new blood. It was highly annoying that a Sky Marshal of his stature should have to worry about himself being shot down with cannon of Tempron. That stuff was nasty: sent the whole ship down in flames if not put out quick enough. And because of his internal rupture, he was forced to stay here like some hideous stowaway. Doctor Nazel was going to have his head if he didn't stay in bed and not even Captain Drakoulis, Blood Nut of the Sky, would dare cross Doctor Nazel. The man was a magician and a pretty good one at that.

If the title 'Blood Nut of the Sky' wasn't bad enough: Vaal had yet to steer the ship onto a definite course. The Leviathan wouldn't fly so long as Vaal was incarcerated. And it drove him up the wall. But, even amongst this melancholy, Vaal could hear a strange noise. It was like a human voice only softer and sounded like it was coming through veils of water that distorted the words so he could not hear their song. But it was still a beautiful song and Vaal hung on to it, trying to decipher it's haunting melody.


A shadow crossed the ruins. It was a large man with a black steel mask over his face which was cut with a large grin across its surface. His coat was a dark blue with laureates attached on each shoulder. This was obviously a captain but of what rank was a mystery. His eye roved about in its socket, the white irises contracting as they took in a small stone tomb set into the side of the rock. The man's muscles contracted behind his mask and a little blood fell from beneath it. His matted grey hair and smell of decay instantly painted him as one thing: A Rindlan. A member of the undead. A zombie of some kind.

The Zombie walked smartly through the tomb's open entrance and into its interior which was dark and cold like he was walking into a glacier. But this one wouldn't melt or become warmer by fire: the ruins were too important for that. They were protected by magiks as old as time itself. Something was sealed inside here...and the Zombie wanted it out.

The End

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